Dark Matter: Captain(s) African-America

What You May Know

By now, if you follow the comic book world, you know that Captain America is black (at least one iteration).screen-shot-2012-09-20-at-9-40-43-am-300x231 However, this is not the first time that Captain America has had an African-American version. Currently Sam Wilson is the latest to hold the mantle of Cap due Steve Rodgers being sapped of his super soldier serum in a battle with Iron Nail. Sam Wilson AKA Falcon was Steve Rodgers choice as he was no longer fit to be Captain America. Later on Rodgers would regain his serum but allow Sam Wilson to keep the mantle of Captain America.


From One Hero To Another

isiah-bradley15Before Sam Wilson even thought of throwing a shield at the baddies Isaiah Bradley was the subject of project Rebirth testing on African-American subjects in order to recreate the effect the serum had on Steve Rodgers. These experiments were similar to the Tuskegee Syphilis Study and were joint experiments between British and German scientist. Out of 300 candidates Bradley was one of only five to survive. Field missions and strife of war left Bradly the only subject left surviving he takes up a spare suit and shield meant for Steve Rodgers and performs a suicide mission to destroy the super soldier experiments of the Nazis. Not only did he Assassinate Dr. Koch, the German, Nazi behind Project Rebirth, but he was able to prevent the serum from falling into the wrong hands…But he was captured by Nazi forces and brought before the Führer who ordered him dissected in order to reverse engineer the sedums process as well as send a message back to America by sending his spare parts back. Thankfully German insurgents broke him free and he was able to make it back to freedom only to be court marshaled. President Eisenhower pardons Bradley causing him to be known amongst many highly known African-American celebrities. He is considered to be the Black Captain America and an underground legend that was barely known in the African American communities.


…And Others As Well 

Danielle Cage, Kiyoshi Morales and Samantha Wilson are just a few others of African-American descent that have also taken the mantle of Captain America at one time or another. Even big names such as Black Panther and War Machine were clad in stars and stripes in certain story arcs. No matter how you look at Captain America isn’t just a white man in a suit that fights for America. He or she is a symbol that can be applied to anyone willing to represent America and it’s positivity. They don’t just wear a name or a face, they wear a mantle of responsibility and wield a weapon of protection not just for themselves, but to shield citizens of the good old USA and beyond. One has to be ready to sacrifice themselves for the greater good and that should be the only thing that matters, never the color.

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