February 03

Open Communications

Just a few social media updates. Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts or feedback or questions about my post. Even feel free to post a counter argument and I’ll post and respond with full credit towards your idea. You can even contact me if you need someone to game with our would […]

Warbound Radio 19: Change the World

Listen to WbR19-Change The World.mp3 by War Bound Radio #np on #SoundCloud

June 10

Droppin the List for E3!

Ready for a new year of new games! I havent had much of a chance to watch the E3 coverage (The same damn IRL issues, Car, Family, etc.). But I have heard whispers of some good titles. I’m getting a chance to watch Gamespot cover Microsoft’s live stream and can only hope for greatness. My […]

Episode 18 -What Is On TV.mp3 – SoundCloud

Listen to Episode 18 -What Is On TV.mp3 by War Bound Radio #np on #SoundCloud

May 14

Aggretsuko (>_<) _|oo|

If ever there was an anime that mirrored what common everyday life was like. This would be it, with a metal twist. Aggretsuko is an anime that follows the life of the titled character who happens to be a red panda. Cute right? Until after work and a karaoke booth where she becomes a metal […]

April 29

50 % off on Final Fantasy Games!

If you are a fan of the series, now would be a good time to ✔ this out .

Right press, wrong Word

I think next year I may switch to WordPress.org… Thoughts? #wordpress #seo #noticeme LoL

April 16

Damage Report-Hell It’s About Time…

I know it’s been a while…Too long. Recently I’ve been dealing with too many bad things. That’s why it’s been hard as hell to come on here or even on Warbound Radio. I can’t really act much on what I’ve wanted to do lately because I’ve been depressed. I can’t go into it but just […]

April 04

Warbound One Shot: Dragon Ball Super – SoundCloud

Listen to Warbound One Shot: Dragon Ball Super by War Bound Radio #np on #SoundCloud


February 22

Still Around

Been doing a little bitty bit with Warbound Radio

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