February 03

Open Communications

Just a few social media updates. Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts or feedback or questions about my post. Even feel free to post a counter argument and I’ll post and respond with full credit towards your idea. You can even contact me if you need someone to game with our would […]

August 02

Warbound Radio Episode 21: Tranquilo

Listen to Episode21-Tranquilo.mp3 by War Bound Radio #np on #SoundCloud

July 04

Warbound Radio 20: It Has to Start Somewhere.

Listen to Warbound Radio Episode 20 – It has to start somewhere by War Bound Radio #np on #SoundCloud

June 25

War List Ten: Gaming Mistakes and Habits

1. Missing the target 2. Forgetting the objective. 3. Bad internet connection. 4. Clutch MLG Fails. 5. Doing the same plan every single time. 6. Not replenishing your loadout. 7. Mixing control setups. 8. Rage quitting. 9. Finding a glitch at a bad time. 10. Reloading during a fight. 11[Bonus]. Not saving before a boss […]

Warbound Radio 19: Change the World

Listen to WbR19-Change The World.mp3 by War Bound Radio #np on #SoundCloud

June 10

Droppin the List for E3!

Ready for a new year of new games! I havent had much of a chance to watch the E3 coverage (The same damn IRL issues, Car, Family, etc.). But I have heard whispers of some good titles. I’m getting a chance to watch Gamespot cover Microsoft’s live stream and can only hope for greatness. My […]

Episode 18 -What Is On TV.mp3 – SoundCloud

Listen to Episode 18 -What Is On TV.mp3 by War Bound Radio #np on #SoundCloud

May 14

Aggretsuko (>_<) _|oo|

If ever there was an anime that mirrored what common everyday life was like. This would be it, with a metal twist. Aggretsuko is an anime that follows the life of the titled character who happens to be a red panda. Cute right? Until after work and a karaoke booth where she becomes a metal […]

April 29

50 % off on Final Fantasy Games!

If you are a fan of the series, now would be a good time to ✔ this out .

Right press, wrong Word

I think next year I may switch to WordPress.org… Thoughts? #wordpress #seo #noticeme LoL

April 16

Damage Report-Hell It’s About Time…

I know it’s been a while…Too long. Recently I’ve been dealing with too many bad things. That’s why it’s been hard as hell to come on here or even on Warbound Radio. I can’t really act much on what I’ve wanted to do lately because I’ve been depressed. I can’t go into it but just […]

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