Changing the META

The last few days I’ve been debating with myself internally. I mean, rally, really, Raleigh debating with myself. I don’t like the format of how I post…Plane and simple. I  think it and feel it but don’t like how it comes out. When I think something and plan to write it I find myself a slave to having to word correctly or make sure it makes sense. Noticing that, I know that is why my post take forever to get out.

After this internal debate with myself about topics and how to post them properly…I have concluded…F*ck it. What is the sense of trying to write without feeling. I have written term papers that I have felt more emotion about than some of these last post…and I don’t like it…I know for a fact that I worry about grammar and punctuation to the point where I spend days trying to fill in information and scour over it just to get that, umph feeling. That accomplishment glow.

I haven’t felt that lately. My posts have been complicated and vanilla, not even vanilla bean, but vanilla. It’s time change that, I’m getting chunky monkey and throwing sprinkles all up in that b*tch. I’m going to dedicate my time to my readers, listeners,viewers,mind readers, whatever and pour myself personally into my work. I want them to feel what I am saying and laugh at it as well. Not because it’s crazy but because it makes you think and it makes you feel.

My name is War Child and I’m charismatically inclined to blow your mind.wp-1475290090463.jpg

-The rush is loud, so ride the lightning


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