Dark Matter: A Series of Black Characters Through History

BlackCap.jpeg.CROP.rtstory-largeDespite all the media controversy going on with black culture this will not stop the coverage of black history month on this blog. The plan is to do a weekly special on black video games and comic characters. Personally, this month is not utilized the way it should be. Most black history facts are repeated from K-12 and after that what is the motivation to continue to learn more? To break the stagnating repetition, coverage of these icons will span from the known to the unknown.

wp-1454711350863.jpgThis month will not simply be another black listed group of days. It will be one that covers Dark Matter, a month specifically aimed at showing that there are more than just threadbare facts. This will be a series that will be released every Monday and Friday. Mondays will cover Black Heroes of History (Comics and Entertainment) and Friday will cover Black Gaming Icons. Just because these days are listed doesn’t mean that more won’t be added in between. Aim your attention towards this blog for this journey through history.

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