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We are more than marks

Lately, I have been wondering about the current state of the gaming community. While we are so busy trying to tear each other down about who is the master class, or who is the master system we should be thinking about why companies think they can produce half-finished products or lock content behind paywalls and charge us for a product that is already included. Can you imagine buying orange juice and having to pay for the bottle or buying a burger and having to pay for the actual meat? Pretty much the same concept. When you break things down on a more simple level, we are a lot more than just consumers.

The control we have needs to start on the base level or us being the investors. We might not be the majority shareholder in the situation but we certainly are the ones that determine if a game series will continue or not. Not just a series but a company as a whole. Many gaming companies ( Bethesda, EA, Activision, Blizzard) have caused too many issues, I say this having held a lot of positive memories for these companies. Bethesda made the Elder Scrolls Series, EA made Need for Speed and Blizzard made the heavy hitting WarCraft StarCraft and Diablos series. Games like these back then would have been nourished and planned and plotted out to be great. Now the only thing that is left is just the title, the quality has gone down and as a result, games are not being crafted the way they used to.

The worst thing that can happen to any product is mass production taken farther from the original. As the lifeline of AAA titles draws on more and more issues take place that continue to cripple the final production of the game. Project members leave or fall off after losing faith in a title, production gets pushed back because the team is busy trying to impress their higher-ups, even laziness and mismanagement of funds come into play. One way or another the carefully planned life cycle that was passed down from the earlier development of games to now has changed completely. If it takes years to create a game (Halo 2 for example) then a game should come out in its strongest manifestation possible. If it takes 6 years to create a game we should have a product of EPIC proportions. If a game is stuck in development hell and takes 10 years to produce we should have a blockbuster that should be set up to have a damn good sequel. Instead, we are stuck with the No Man’s Skys, the Anthems and the Duke Nukem Forevers.

But why do these mistakes keep happening? Consumers are fine with games being the bare minimum of playable. Fans of Anthem are fine with the product they received and are quick to defend just how “good” the games is but are not looking at the fact that the development took 6 years, what was promised was never delivered upon, sure you could play as an Iron Manesque Soldier, Cyber Ninja, Iron Warrior or Weighted Wizard Warbot but aside from that there was no viable story or gameplay mechanics.

It must come to a point where we as the consumer and the investors say enough is enough. We shouldn’t accept half planned games, mediocre storylines and overly hyped graphics and settle with what we are given. E3 has become more of a joke than anything. We see what we could have but aren’t given the final finished product we all so crave. Pre-Orders should be stopped, we shouldn’t buy a game until we are given a demo and we damn sure should stop supporting brands over quality. That’s why Mass Effect is Dead, Call of Duty never truly changes and Anthem is dead in the water while trying to figure out how to reboot a game that hasn’t been out that long yet. We deserve better when it comes to spending our money.

Just make sure it gets spent right.

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