The War Report: Alien: Canceled

A few days ago the internet exploded with the information about cancelation of Neill Blomkamps cancelation of his Alien Project. Fans of the series were really looking forward to seeing what Blomkamp could do. Based on his concept sketches I was one of them. The only real thing we have going for us at the moment is Ridley Scott’s Alien:Covenant. The creator of District 9 and Chappy was asked on twitter about the chances of his Alien project being created and the response was a simple “Slim”.


Lets be honest…We have sat through some of the worst movies that Hollywood has ever shot past it’s head and pushed through it’s tight hole; Alien: Resurrection, Aliens Vs. Predator, Aliens Vs. Predator:Requiem and so on. Hell, even Sega had their go at the franchise by creating that horrible Colonial Marines game. HOWEVER, Sega also made up for that by creating Alien:Isolation, which was a huge hit as far as putting everyone’s favorite Xenomorphs back on the map. So why not let Blomkamp do the same?

This isn’t a director who puts out crap action movies and moves on (I’m looking at you Uwe Boll…You had one job and you messed it up REPEATEDLY! KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF OUR FILMS!) This is a director who can put art on screen and still tell a story. Everyone else has had their hands in the franchise and messed it up. I can understand that the time line might have issues if both Covenant and the unnamed Blomkamp film were shot at the same time but other than that there should be no problem.


What do you think? Should Blomkamp take the slim chance and hold out for hope? Or should he jump ship for good and go on to create his own version of the sci-fi classic just dealing with another life form? Reply in the comments, tweet or email your thoughts. If you like what you have read, feel free to follow.

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