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No Man’s Try (Part Two)

Ready to Try Again?

So I fired up the old Ps4 just to see how “great” this patch is…Yeah we’ll get to that in a minute. But lets see what brought me to this, random decision. So after so many months, Hello Games, broke their silence and said that they would release a major update for No Man’s Sky. The patch promised to include new modes, base building and freighter ships kung fu swords, everything…The game still sucks.

Same Turd, Different Toilet Paper

I spent a few hours (wasted) downloading this awesome, amazing patch. In fairness they have offered several different modes but it’s still the same grind towards the center of nothing. Survival mode…I didn’t even try, it’s probably a more pumped up version of what we have always played. Creative mode…Not so creative. All in all it’s the same turd with different toilet paper. This game suffers from the fact that it can’t break the meta.It’s the same thing just with a little more sauce.

Good Bye Games?

It still amazes me how a Hello Games, who had so many legal issues, was even able to push this out (no pun after the last paragraph). They had an interesting algorithm that powers this game and after all the trouble they went through they failed it. The only thing I could see actually somewhat saving the game is a few things:

Other than that, there is not much I can even say that will help change anyones mind about this game. It was a hype train that flopped hard and should have been better. My laptop isn’t the best but slowly I am considering PC gaming thanks to the footage of Subnautica that I have been watching. Really if you want an exploration game you should check that out on Steam and Xbox One.

Thank you for your time and support and remember

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