TC The Division: Conflict Patch

The temptation of this latest update is very high and the fact that the division needs a good update is very obvious. Season Pass owners will be able to download and experience this latest patch, Conflict, on May 24th. The lack of end game content is something that has seriously dulled The Divisions game play. Continuously grinding away in the dark zone is not the best way to reward players who went through the story mode and the redundant side missions.

To add with the other struggles that this game has had, Falcon Lost, it’s first incursion was not a good demonstration of what players should look forward to when it comes to content to keep the game fresh. The mission was intense, but only took place in a closed off large room with an ATV firing hot death at players. As if that wasn’t enough, the mission threw waves of enemies at the players while they try deftly manuvering a bomb towards the ATV to deal damage to the pain machine. While fun in the beginning, it becomes another grind fest when you are required to get maxed out armor sets in order to increase the gear score of a player. Even though there are 4 different set armors, sometimes the gold items are still better.

Set 1 items

With all that being said, one can only hope that this next patch will be the one to bring back focus in the fight. With the addition of HVT (High Value Target) and S&D (Search and Destroy) missions being added as content this could open up new opportunities for players who want more PvE (Player v. Environment) over PvP (Player v. Player). For those who are still hungry for PvP, dark zone cops and rouge alike, there are a few things you should look forward to.There will be caches droppeed from named and elite enemies in the dark zone that can contain mystery items that are better than high end equipment. The only catch is that they still need to be extracted like typical DZ items, but now a player who is rouge or plans on going rouge can cut the rope of the extraction. (Something I still can’t get past-who pulls out tons of equipment ranging from LMG’s to pom pom beanies with a regular rope!?!)

Set 2 Items

At the end of the day, I still see value in this game and can only hope that Ubisoft will continue to push this game towards better directions. I want them to focus on prime quality content and longevity when it comes to The Division. You don’t slap Tom Clancy’s (R.I.P.) name on a game and put out a 6 hour crap fest. When you put the mighty TC on any title, you better be ready to bring it hard. Sadly,there is still a long way to go before this game reaches its full potential.Still, that won’t stop me from playing! I can guarantee that once I find a way to get my characters hands on that AA-12, I will RIP and TEAR through the streets of NY.


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