Top 5 Reasons to Keep Playing Destiny

  1. Good to Play With Friends
  • The main reason to play any MMO. Destiny is a mash up of shooter/MMO and despite the flack and fail that it has gone through it is still a decent game to play.
  1. The Familiarity
  • Destiny has the potential to become a game that anyone can become familiar with. Especially after House of Wolves. Most of the open world and strike maps are easy to remember and provide a easy “on rail” feel even though Destiny is mainly an FPS game.
  1. More to do since phase 1
    • After going through several expansions (Dark Below,House of Wolves, The Taken King) Destiny has gone through quite a few changes just to try and fit and mold a unique feel as far as over all game play. Vanilla Destiny just involved tons of grinding and even had a loot cave that was quickly killed off. Now in it’s 3rd expasion, Destiny has much more to do than just shoot ammo into a cave. With several raids and multiple strike missions there is more than enough to keep busy with.
  1. Classes for everyones play style
  • No matter if you are a up close and personal melee fighting, shotgun blasting player or a far away, quiet scope zooming sniper there are weapons and character classes for everyone. Titans provide a way to absorb damage and stand toe to toe with danger. Hunters provide a way to take out enemies from a distance and use deadly gun play to an advantage. Warlocks, the magic users of the 3, allow you to drain life or resurrect to jump back into the fight.
  1. The hope for potential
    • With its lack of story and other controversial issues (missing content, weapon tuning issues,lack of trading items etc.) Destiny still has a lot of potential and, with the right guidance, could become a title that becomes significant in the MMO/FPS world. With especially with recent addition of free content being added to the game. Though the micro transactions do seem kind of overkill for a game that has already grossed over 500 million dollars. Here’s hoping that money will lgo to a good place.

-War Child signing off

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