Destiny: House of Wolves (Worth the come back?)

Destiny:House of Wolves Prologue

Dust off your armor and oil up that gun

     Recently I have tried to bring myself to play Destiny again just to see if this new expansion,House of Wolves, is worth my time. From what Bungie has been showing off lately it looks as it could be worth the grind. I am interested in seeing how the new NPCs will interact with the players. I’m willing to bet the dialogue from the Fallen NPC will be full of hints and tiny bits of info as well. Thankfully they are doing away with the whole Vanguard commendation system and it looks as if Bungie has wised up to letting players upgrade their favorite weapons and armor. This leaves hope wide open for players to be able to customize themselves to look like how they want instead of just running around in raid armor looking like everyone else. That was one of my main gripes in the game. The other gripe being that there was not enough content to keep me interested, especially after the first expansion, The Dark Below. The game left much to be desired and left me with the sense of feeling like there was no point in grinding, yet I kept grinding because there were no other games to play.

You’ve been through so much but yet there are more trials

     With the fact that the game was repetitive kept in mind, this new content is really looking like it could breath new life in the world of the game. Admittedly I was worried that the game would fade out before the release date (May 19th) of its next expansion. The Dark Below left much to be desired and made no real attempt at providing a challenge to players upon its initial release. Even it’s boss ,Crota, suffered the same cheese problems that Atheon, the boss of the Vault of Glass, faced. With Atheon a player that is a Warlock class used to be able to push the boss off it’s platform with a melee attack. Crota suffered from a blind spot exploit that let a player hide and attack after being the sword bearer. Then the player would proceed to wait until they could do the process over again. Destiny wasn’t without it’s set of failures.The House of Wolves expansion looks to try to push past those issues. From the way Trials of Osiris is set up it seems as if it will be a new, more rewarding form of the crucible. Speaking of which, the crucible will better reward people who actually end up being at the top leader spots of the game. I myself am thankful for this fact especially after playing a few games today and not getting a damn thing. Also coming with the Trials of Osiris is the Prison of Elders. This mode will be a firefight mode for players and will take place in series of waves against Fallen, Cabal and Hive enemies. Participants will also be rewarded with items that they can redeem at the end of each finish of the prison. However, progress is not without perfection and those participants who cannot successfully finish a set will be wiped.


Is it really worth running into the ground again?

I for one am looking forward to giving this game another go. It was a fun game until most of the enemies became one shot victims of powerful weapons and skills that can be acquired later. There needs to be some sort of sectioning off of levels. RPGs do that to keep people interested. But when a level cap of (at the time) 30 and  common enemies are all over the place that and they very much lower than the maxed out character, It kills the challenge. I am really hoping that this time around all of that will change and the player will have to be at least a certain level to even consider setting foot in certain areas. It is ok to keep the social area open but if restrict it to only being able to access certain things once a player is strong enough to do certain missions. That being said, I have started a hunter on PS4 with the intent of finding the helmet that is in the featured image. I was never really too fond of the class but they have some of the most bad ass designed armor in the game.

Drop me a line if you play on 360 or PS4 and if you are interested in joining a clan I recommend looking into War Eater. The clan that I am trying to start for finding better raids and people to play with. Until next time keep up the good fight!

The rush is loud,so ride the lightning

-War Child signing off

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