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Many people often scoff at the art of wrestling. Myself, I’ve been a fan for a the longest. I still remember watching the promos even as a kid. The anger and pride I felt in watching Hacksaw Jim Duggan coffee down to the ring only to be defeated by Yokozuna. Watching the Road Warriors and being in awe of the spiked pads and face paint. Being in awe of the strange awesome display of darkness that I’d the Undertaker. I’ve tried to stick with it for the longest time despite the lapsed time between the era’s. Attitude era is still by far my favorite. However since the watered down flavor of the PG era is what passes for wrestling now days I have gotten to the point of almost losing interest and then something truly epic happened. WWE (American wrestlings most well-known promoter) finally got things right. Between the lackluster matches and over hyped super stars the rating of quality has gone down greatly. Smackdown lost the glimmer and shine that set it apart from the hardcore, in in your face styling of Raw. I don’t know if they’ve been reviving since the writer strike so long ago but they cannot seem to finish or let alone even start a great story. I had lacked in hope when it came to the world of wrestling and so I started to lose interest.

The only good show that I could even find to watch was an experimental development show called NXT. This show was the ultimate refresher and actually made wrestlers work just to earn a single spot on the prime time roster. Some of the guys were slubs (Michael Tarver and Heath Slayter) but the awesome talent stood out greatly. This was my intro to the indie sensation Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) and Wade Barrett (who has risen from rookie to reputable). I tuned in religiously to watch the resuilts of this “reality wrestling” show. In the end Wade Barrett end up winning the spot on the main WWE roster and made a huge impact by bringing the people from NXT into a group called the Nexus. But then many groups began to form and things just got kind of overwhelming as far as what to watch and who to root for. And yet with so much talent on the roster nothing/no one could top the first Undertaker/Shawn Michael’s match from Wrestlemania. They put everything on the line and that night two old schoolers made the locker room look bad. The few people who had kept me watching started fading away and the truly talented new schoolers were being pushed down by part-time wrestlers. Since the firing of C.M. Punk and the injured Daniel Bryan(Bryan Danielson) were out of the picture that left me with not much to tune in and watch as far as wrestling. I couldn’t watch ROH or TNA due to the lack of having cable or internet at the time and there weren’t to many people on the roster that kept me wanting to tune in. The world of wrestling was fading for me and I started to lose interest even more.Even NXT, In its second season, had fallen to bad production lack of any real attention grabbing stars or story.

Fast forward to now and C.M. Punk is fired from WWE and going into the UFC. Daniel Bryan has returned from his surgery and a guy named Roman Reigns, a good wrestler not great but has potential though, is in line for a title match against a returned Brock Lesnar. Dolph Ziggler is now a hot commodity and they aren’t using John Cena as a major money push. I’m happy for that. Cena is a popular face but I got tired of watching him each week and his wrestling skills aren’t exactly that great despite the fact that the man oozes charisma. I really wish they would use him for different types of story angles instead of having him keep pushing for the title. But despite the good there is also still a lot of bad. It seems like when a good storyline is created they don’t quiet know how to finish it or keep it going.It is almost as if the storyline is a flame¬†that¬†continues on like a burst of fire gasping for life in stale air only to be snuffed out quickly or die out slow without as much as a burn mark left.

However the best thing that could happen as far as WWE is concerned was the decision to build a talent center right in full sail university.and what is the name of the show that they record in Full Sail? Why, NXT of course. Based on my comparison of the main show with they “D” league show, I’d rather watch the D league every week. They actually have brought in top indie or world known wrestling stars such as Finn Balor (Prince/Fergal Devitt), Hideo Itami (KENTA), Sami Zayn (El Generico) and Kevin Owens (Kevin Steen). It sucks that Chris Hero was kicked out of the running a while back but at least the roster they have brings it like it should be brought. I hope that the matches will continue to be just as awesome as they were since they brought it back and I am really looking forward to continuing my love for Wrestling. I’ll post my reviews on matches that are well worth watching as well should NXT stand the test of time.

Until next time guys, thanks for reading and watching and remember

The rush is loud, so ride the lightning!

-War Child signing off

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