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Top 4 Fears of AJ Styles in WWE

AJ recently debuted in the Royal Rumble as entrant #3 and made an impression on the crowd. He has been in the business for a very long time and is a major talent to have. Coming hot from the roster Read more…

Wrastlin Gone Wrong

Ring the Bell Where to begin with this game? When it comes to sports games, I’m not really too open-minded. Wrestling (Excuse me, Sports Entertainment) games are no exception to this rule and everybody plays the fool sometimes, as the Read more…

Wrestling Wre-Kap: The Beast in the East


Wrestling Wednesday wReK-ap (5/18/2015)

#NXT, my wrestling go to! The portal from my childhood looking into the future!

I am a wrestling geek!

Many people often scoff at the art of wrestling. Myself, I’ve been a fan for a the longest. I still remember watching the promos even as a kid. The anger and pride I felt in watching Hacksaw Jim Duggan coffee Read more…

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