July 17

Gamer Dad Chronicles:I missed Metallica (NSFW)

July 15

Wrath of the Titan

Damn it feels good to be a Guardian! (Q Rise of Iron Music) I’ve mained a Titan ever since the first time I set foot in the Cosmodrome. The beta for Destiny 2 is going to be here in 3 more days and I am excited! Really can’t wait to see what all the shout it […]

June 17

The Hitbox: How Do You Date a Geeky Gamer?

This is important if you are truly a gamer who is seeking to be with your player 2 or you are a person who has watched/read a video about dating a gamer or geek, this is not something to be taken lightly.

May 22

The HYPE IS REAAAAAALLL!!! Destiny 2 thoughts.

The day was a Thursday,  the countdown marked something truly #epic…Minutes ticked to seconds, seconds ticked to,awesomeness. Then…Then we were graced with something we had been waiting to see for a long time this: I already has some sort of respect for #Zavala as a character but this #trailer really made me feel something that […]

May 07

May Mash-up: Comics,Movies, GAMES N’ MOAR


April 10

Gamer Dad Chronicles: Player 3 Has Entered the Game

April 05

Save Point:The Trouble with Two Player

Guess it’s time for me to put my gramps glasses on…But I remember BACK IN THE DAY!!! Seriously though, it was always easier to find someone to play a game with in the early days of consoles. LAN parties used to be a great gathering of friends or family in one room with computers connected […]

April 01

Gamer Dad Chronicles:The Sick Edition…No really, I am sick! – SoundCloud

Listen to Gamer Dad Chronicles:The Sick Edition…No really, I am sick! by War Bound Radio #np on #SoundCloud

April 01

Warbound Radio Episode#4

Catch it here! LIVE every wensday at 10 am!

Gamer Dad Chronicles:Worries – SoundCloud

Listen to Gamer Dad Chronicles:Worries by War Bound Radio #np on #SoundCloud