May 22

The HYPE IS REAAAAAALLL!!! Destiny 2 thoughts.

The day was a Thursday,  the countdown marked something truly #epic…Minutes ticked to seconds, seconds ticked to,awesomeness. Then…Then we were graced with something we had been waiting to see for a long time this: I already has some sort of respect for #Zavala as a character but this #trailer really made me feel something that […]

May 07

May Mash-up: Comics,Movies, GAMES N’ MOAR


April 10

Gamer Dad Chronicles: Player 3 Has Entered the Game

April 05

Save Point:The Trouble with Two Player

Guess it’s time for me to put my gramps glasses on…But I remember BACK IN THE DAY!!! Seriously though, it was always easier to find someone to play a game with in the early days of consoles. LAN parties used to be a great gathering of friends or family in one room with computers connected […]

April 01

Gamer Dad Chronicles:The Sick Edition…No really, I am sick! – SoundCloud

Listen to Gamer Dad Chronicles:The Sick Edition…No really, I am sick! by War Bound Radio #np on #SoundCloud

April 01

Warbound Radio Episode#4

Catch it here! LIVE every wensday at 10 am!

Gamer Dad Chronicles:Worries – SoundCloud

Listen to Gamer Dad Chronicles:Worries by War Bound Radio #np on #SoundCloud

March 03

Warbound Radio: Aliens and Predators

February 21

Dark Matter:Daughters Of The Storm

Becka Munroe-(GeNext #1)  Becka is believed to be the daughter of Storm and an unknown man. Being from the Savage Land, she is an expert hunter. She possesses the powers of her mother as well as an ability to turn into a feral like humanoid. During her feral mode she is not in complete control […]

February 10

Dark Matter: The Punishing Outlaw

London born Nigel Higgins appeared in Punisher #64 as a super fan of Frank “The Punisher” Castle. His family was taken from him in an event that was similar to The Punishers loss of family. Instead of grieving Nigel was inspired by The Punisher to become a vigilante called Outlaw. He helped The Punisher evade Interpol […]