November 25

Warbound Radio – SoundCloud

November 23

Happy Thanksgiving: Always Be Thankful and Remember What You Have.

If you haven’t seen this touching video then you are missing out on a lot. These guys do a lot for their fans and sometimes it just needs to be recognized. There are many things that make the world seem like a bad place. But never forget the good things that can happen in life. Happy […]

November 22

Warbound Radio Episode 6: Nothing to Scream at in Space

Is this the end of the Xenomorph?

November 15

Warbound Radio Episode 5 (The Remix): We Still Alive!


Watch “Marvel Studios’ Black Panther – Official Trailer” on YouTube

Get yourselves ready!

Still alive, just a lot going on.

haven’t left. Just been busy. Here have a laugh on me. -War is never silent

August 16

The War Report: The World Wants You to Shut Up!

The American world we live in today is full of double talk. I try to ignore it, I try hard. The harder you try to ignore bad things the more you come in contact with them. As a person I’ve always thought that if you do right, stay on the straight and narrow, obeyed rules […]

August 14

The War List: Cable CONFIRMED for Deadpool 2!

If you haven’t been keeping up with the news Josh Brolin is slated as Cable in the next Deadpool movie (Deadpool 2: Pool Harder, Pool with a Vengeance). While some people are on the fence about this choice (Especially some of my friends, I’m lookin at you Rob!) with good reason, I don’t see much […]

August 12

Here’s to Hip Hop Day OneIsh

Google is always an amazing source of searching. I really love how diverse they make everything too. Today they are covering the birth of hip hop and it’s always a good thing to remember ones history. So here’s to day one! Enjoy the Read. On a hot summer night in the Bronx in 1973, DJ […]

August 06

Half Way There! Donate to save a life! Hey all! Still trying to seek support for the kids. So far I’ve reached almost half of my goal of $100. This is just a minor goal but anything helps, even if it’s just a dollar. Everything goes a long way and everything goes to the kids. Because at the end of the day […]