The Invasion Continues

Representation is such a saturated¬† cash grab for any and everything that represents any sexual, social, cultural even at times political group out there. Representation is so popular as a matter of fact that there is a term for it, “Get woke, go broke.” That’s right, you want to lose money fast while representing the little man/woman/theythem/zur/ETC. This is what you do. Understandably, I get it, people want to belong. I just can’t get behind the lack of effort and education when it comes to creating new content to cater to your minimums.

The latest example of this is Snowflake and Safe Space…Hell, the whole new line of New, New Warriors. If you don’t know, just watch. Please, don’t fight the urge to hit that thumbs down button, the cringe needs to be killed with fire. This Kibbelsmith guy apparently thought that the original New Warriors were too Edgy and buff and…I don’t know, HERO like?

One gets their powers from a backpack another got their powers from “Internet gas”, one can only cast force fields when they are trying to save someone, one throws ice stars and one is a Morbious rip off…Who made this!? Taking a negative and trying to spin it into a positive makes sense, but taking a negative and using the negative to make a positive…Naaaah, Bra, let us try this again.

Has anyone ever heard of DigiTek? America Chavez? Hulkling? Daken? Any of these characters ring a bell? Probably not, but if they do, good job! Lets talk about it:

DigiTek is by far a better character than Screen Time, better design, better story even and came out way before these new warriors.

America Chavez and Hulkling are characters that represents the LGBTQ line up of characters that Marvel has in their universe. Hell, she even has the powers to travel into other Marvel multiverses, that’s pretty damn powerful if you ask me. Marvel created a Queer character that could kick multi-versal ass and people are still not satisfied. Hulking also possesses a vast variety of powers as well that are equally just as bad ass and low and behold, this bad ass is gay, and again, overlooked.

Last but not least, Daken. Wolverines son that not only has the same powers as his father but is also just on the crazy side of things. Truly a bad ass character and one that, again, is in the LGBTQ line up of things. Again another character that represents a group that gets overlooked because the group refuses to do research.

We won’t even begin to discuss back pack girl…There are no words.

And lets make it clear, there are no issues with the LGBTQ life style, there are no phobias on any level…My problem stems from fake fans who do a lack of research, make assumptions and are truly, truly, passionless pricks. Just because you see a few marvel movies or read just a small handful of comic books does not make you a lore master on any level, nor does it grant rights and immunity to those who fall into this category.

Come back after the research has been done and ask for that character to be included into the Marvel movie universe or even ask for a new character to be created so the coat tails of the original can stay clean of fake ass filth. The comic worlds is already on a slow decline once again and marvel is riding the rocket towards it’s own destruction. Making moves like this is just increasing it’s decent into a super nova followed by a black hole of nothingness. Sounds like I just made some new characters.

Anyway, like, share, subscribe, and thanks for listening to the rant of a disgruntled comic fan who is tired of seeing something he loves and reads to get away from real world issues, be turned into something real world.

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