Gunz, Godz and Glory Killz

It’s a good time to be a boomer!


I’ve been a DooM fan for so long (Late 80’s early 90’s ish?) it’s uncountable (Yeah, I’m that many years old). Just seeing that the ol Buckshot blastin, chainsaw slashin, demon bashin game is still out and about is amazing! DooM 2016 was a masterpiece in itself and I thought it was said and done with that one. But BEHOLD there is more!


DooM Eternal is 18 days away. 18 whole days! A whole 432 friggen hours before we can resume fragging again. I honestly feel that with the way most FPS games have been lately (Declaring their freedom from evil money grubbing overlords AKA The Space Balls) it’s the perfect time for ID software to shove aside the competition and remind the competition why DooM is still a title worth a whole helluva lot…See what I did there? Take a look for yourself!

After watching that how can you not be hyped for this game. I won’t even link to the horrible TV spot trailer with the shitty rap music, it just doesn’t do justice to the game. Don’t believe me? Check out BFG Division ! Same guy, same type of music deeper, darker metal! So get ready DooM Slayers, if you haven’t already set yourself up to order the game, you really should!

Lets get ready to #RIPANDTEAR


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