The Dividing Line

The gaming community has waited several months for something great, promising, epic to shake the foundations, AC/DC style…But to what avail? Sure we had filler (Not taking away from the greatness of these titles) games like Jump Force, Fire Pro Wrestling and Resident Evil II (Yeah, it came back!) but what about those triple-A titles? What happened with those? Flops, nothing but flat, soda pop flops. Fallout 76 fell and Anthem was a silent swan song to EA/Bioware credibility. All flopped save one.

The line is drawn and the bar has been set. The Division is the winning game for the year. My vote is given easily, why? Of all the games that came out that were hyped to the max the Divison delivered and then some. Not only did our gaming community receive what felt familiar to us, but we also received new features as well. Enemies were not as spongy as they were in the first game but what they lacked in health they made up for with smarts. Enemy team tactics are crazy, while you are pinned down they will send flankers to flush you out or send rushers to chase you. The main thing that stood out to me was the lack of forced loot box purchasing.

Loot boxes have been a plague these last few games and the in-store purchase options have been a little on the extreme side, Fallout 76 is majorly guilty for this. Big business companies think that it is fine to provide a C grade game with AAA pricing for every single thing you do. The Division quashes this way of thinking and provides an all in experience with hours of gameplay. I have been playing in my spare time and have racked up a Day and 20 hours worth of gameplay and still haven’t touched the level cap. Weapons actually feel like they matter, skills have been increased and can now be modified (I love the turret still plus the hive mine is awesome!). This game is the true successor to the last game and truly is worth every single minute put into playing.

I highly recommend picking up this game. Ubisoft knocked this one out of the park and if you need something you can play online with your friends, this is the one to get. If you need something to keep you busy while you have down time, this one will not fail you. The Division 2, hands down, my pick for game of the year!

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