Droppin the List for E3!

Ready for a new year of new games!

I havent had much of a chance to watch the E3 coverage (The same damn IRL issues, Car, Family, etc.). But I have heard whispers of some good titles. I’m getting a chance to watch Gamespot cover Microsoft’s live stream and can only hope for greatness. My X-Box 1 has been lacking love ever since my Playstation side chicked the entire thing.

The count down begins:

  • HALO Infinite!- What in the blue blazes is the Slip Stream engine!?! So it’s another game featuring the big MC (Master Chief) .
  • The opening Speech is deep. Gaming beyond borders and barriers. #Gamebeyond.
  • 50 Games, 18 Exclusive and 15 World Premier titles. Nice! Created by major studios and minor indies. #Respect.
  • Ori-This game looks like Navi took over Links job. Oh, it’s Ori! Cutesy, Not for me. But nice to look at.
  • Sekiro (2019)-Samurais! OMG is this Dark Souls the feudal version!? I am instantly hooked on this sword play and the visual landscape. The Monsters look titanic and have so much evil personalty. Reminds me of an updated Onimusha.
  • MORROWIND -Backwards Compatable <3!?! Be still heart, be still!
  • Fallout 4 on the xbox game pass as of TODAY!
  • Fallout 76– 4X the size of Fallout 4, wow! Takes place in West Virginia. you are the first to emerge from the vault. Looks like there might be new monsters. Does this game focus on rebuilding the wasteland?
  • The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit (Exclusive)– Looks like a sad but heartfelt story about a kid and his imagination that takes him away from his normal life.
  • Crackdown 3 – MAAAN! Terry Cruse sells this game and makes me want it.Plus the man has his own bad ass model in the trailer (Hopefully in-game too!). I’ve been a fan of Crackdown for years. The design reminds me of Tron just a little bit. Graphics have been updated a lot and the action looks more intense. It’s a Crackdown for the new systems. I Love it!
  • NIer Automata (6.26.18) – Enhanced and ready to pre-order with previous DLC locked and loaded.
  • Metro Exodus– I am assuming the name has something to do with this train they keep focusing on. I have never had a chance to play a Metro game but have always wanted to. I love the post apocalyptic games. They always seem to get creative with how and what the player needs to survive. The weapon upgrade system in this game is awesome and the monsters and human enemy characters definitely have a unique look to them. Lots of action, crashes and explosions. You have the War Childs attention.
  • Kingdom Hearts – The first ever Xbox version of this game. The entire series is a classic in itself (Again never had a chance to play). I hope the XBox version won’t disappoint. The trailer seems smooth and I hope the gameplay will be the same. Good music, graphics and line up of Disney movies to add to the environment.
  • Sea of Thieves – Just a teaser trailer…Not much to really speak about.
  • Battlefield V – A shot of the story trailer was played. Looks interesting but story mode in shooter games have been questionable lately.
  •  Forza Horizon 4 -Cars! Beautiful CARZ! The details look beautiful! I only hope the gameplay will be worth it. IMO games that focus on cars need a serious storyline (NFS: Most Wanted for example) in order to make them worth their weight in oil. But the only thing that can equal, if not top, story mode is crushing friends online in a bad ass ride that blast through the streets. (Makes me consider a XBOneX). Wait…Did this man just say seasons O_O?!? World changes affect driving!? WOOOW! Oh man, it would be awesome to set up a drift squad in this game. I’m UBER tempted!
  • They are pushing the hell out of this XBOX Game Pass, LOL.
  • Studio Acquirements:
    • The Initiative – New production studio based in Santa Monica that has had this could be good.
    • Undead Labs – Now part of Microsoft Studios, nice!
    • Playground Games – expect art to come to life and then some! Why do you want to wait later for what they are doing, tell us now!
    • NINJA TEHORY (Yes TEHORY) – Ninja Theory is a major acquisition. I can’t wait to see what they have to offer!
    • Cmpulsion Games – Another good acquisition.
  • We Happy Few -Gearbox Scares me but that pig in the street shitting rainbows line is priceless. Looks like another release for XBOX GAME PAZZ!
  • PUBG: Looks like a push for new modes (War mode), ways to play and environments. Expect more to be added on by Winter of this year!

I could literally sit here and type more and more about these releases but why not go watch for yourself? If you’ll excuse me, I have to watch the Division 2 =D.

Oh yeah and the New Day challenged The Golden Elite to a SF showdown during E3.

Thanks for reading my excited ramblings and remember

War is never silent

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