Aggretsuko (>_<) _|oo|

If ever there was an anime that mirrored what common everyday life was like. This would be it, with a metal twist. Aggretsuko is an anime that follows the life of the titled character who happens to be a red panda. Cute right? Until after work and a karaoke booth where she becomes a metal spewing monster as she rages her heart out and in turn releases her inner stress.

What puts this marvel together is the humor used in each situation to get the point across. There are episodes where our Metal Panda deals with her boss, popularity, confidence/acceptance issues and even love. The evolution that takes place during each episode is actually a thing of beauty. She keeps her secret karaoke therapy under wraps but eventually it gets out and becomes a thing of magic.Themes of pulling yourself together to make it work can be seen alongside bits of team work and self sacrifice.

If you have not seen this anime you are doing yourself a great disservice and should make some time in your life and space in your que to enjoy.

War is never silent

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