Damage Report-Hell It’s About Time…

I know it’s been a while…Too long. Recently I’ve been dealing with too many bad things. That’s why it’s been hard as hell to come on here or even on Warbound Radio. I can’t really act much on what I’ve wanted to do lately because I’ve been depressed. I can’t go into it but just know that it’s bad enough to effect a lot in my actual life…Makes me wonder am I doing the right thing or do I just say fuck it and press the red button that will make the easy decision for me. Gaming as of late has kept me kind of happy but even doing that solitary gets old. I think I should focus more on XBox gaming because I know more people on that console.

I know the hardest problem, for anyone dealing with anything of this weight, is the motivation to want to do anything that makes them happy…I LOVE blogging, podcasting and connecting with people. But lately it’s been hard because I focus too much on my sadness. Believe me, I’m working on that change. The happiest times of my life is when I can see my daughter. But when I can’t it just pisses me off so much and makes me so angry because of the situation that has caused this entire thing to blow up.

At this point, if it wasn’t for my friends and family supporting me, I think I would have broken. It’s not easy to admit that but it’s the God honest truth. I need more of it and the positivity that it brings and that falls on me. Thank you for those of you who have helped with that. I realize that the only person that can get me out of this is myself. I need to be better and do better. And that’s where I point myself in the right direction.

Like so many WWE superstars that do that cliche point towards the wrestlemania sign, that’s what I’m going to try to do with the War Brand (War Child Games, Warbound Radio, War Child MKIV). I’m going to point right up and what I’m working on and aim towards that goal in order to make myself happy. Who knows…Maybe in my happiness I can make my daughter happier as well.

Bare with me and please keep supporting me, it does make a world of difference and is appreciated. If you want to be part of the War Brand please send an email to honorbound@warchildgames.com or leave a tweet @warchildgames or @warbound radio.

Thank you once again and keep believing

-War is never silent…

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