Thanks for 3 Years of War Child Games

Today marks our 3 year anniversary. It’s amazing to look back and see that, even though things have slowed down in the content department, we are still dedicated to making this work. When everything is all said and done, we are always looking towards brighter horizons no matter what happens. If we only made 10 post this year the least we can try to do next year is make 15. If we missed a podcast episode this week than the least we can try and do is make sure we don’t miss the next one.

WE will dedicate myself as much as we can for 2018 and will try to do better.

But we cannot do better without the backing without any of my fans. We thank you all for your supporting War Child Games and your being here to read every word or hear every sound of Warbound Radio. Thank you all for choosing to agree (or disagree) with every point of view, gripe and praise. Most importantly! Thank you for supporting us in supporting others (Extra-Life and War Child and many others to come)

The rush has been loud and you’ve ridden the lightning with us all. All we can ask is that you continue to stay a part of this storm!

Thank you for 3 years and beyond!


War is never silent

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