The War Report: The World Wants You to Shut Up!

The American world we live in today is full of double talk. I try to ignore it, I try hard. The harder you try to ignore bad things the more you come in contact with them. As a person I’ve always thought that if you do right, stay on the straight and narrow, obeyed rules and laws and just generally tried to be a normal citizen you were within your safe limitation of the law…But that’s only if you fall into a category of what the law will protect…To be honest with you and give my personal opinion the law does not protect black people. Even worse off it feels as if the world does not promote us either.

colin-kaepernick-wikiHe took a knee because being black is a burden…

How is it possible for a Nation that is supposed to be UNITED together against things that are unjust and cruel to wave a finger all while promoting the same ugliness? How can a city (Ferguson) be turned into a war zone on our own soil and not be seen as an issue? How can the actions of the multiple shootings of black men (Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and so many more) be seen as things that do not impose on the Truth, Justice and the American way? To go even deeper, how can one Colin Kaepernick be turned into a monster for simply taking a knee during the national anthem before a football game? He didn’t take a knee because he was being rebellious or disrespectful. He took a knee because being black is a burden on American society, but it’s the weight every black man, woman and child has to deal with when living in America. We are looked at as only being good at sports, rap music and any thing else that comes with being “black”. But it’s really sad when the athletes, rappers and other members of black society that do try to speak positivity are looked down upon.

We are a people who are only supposed to take the sidelines, never succeed, never be greater than we are told to be. We are told to just keep working, keep your head down and not stand out. “Shut up and play the game”. Sad part is those who do achieve more than what they are expected to be are shunned by other people…Other AFRICAN Americans, whose ancestry traces back to the same tribes that were brought here in boats many years ago. Those same tribes that can relate back to the same people they are trying to keep down. Tribal lineage doesn’t matter in American views. You can be shot down just like anyone else no matter if you are famous or not. This thought alone by itself is the main thing that scares me and is something I think about every day I wake up and thank God that I’m alive.


…fighting for memories and monuments is more important than fighting for unity and peace?

The Black Lives Matter movement has been pushing for Black rights since 2013 and has always been pushed back with negativity. (All lives matter, Blue Lives Matter and the latest White Lives Matter.) Black Lives Matter has been seen as a racist term and has been frowned upon by American Society, yet a few days ago the Unite the Right protest happened in Virginia where white supremacy groups united against the removal of Confederate monuments and memorials. The protest turned violent amongst the protestors and counter protestors made up of many other civil rights groups, including BLM.I can’t understand how fighting for memories and monuments is more important than fighting for unity and peace? This very thought in itself scares me to think that placement of a historical monuments is more important than the life of my 4 month old daughter. And this just in, Trump has condemned the Protestors after 48 hours has passed. Talk about moving with the Speed of Justice.

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing-Edmund Burke

On that topic! He is one that has stirred this pot. A President (Break that down and it’s Precedent as in you are setting the precedent of how you run the nation.) is one who should set the direction of a nation and not stir it up into a breeding ground for fascism and hate. Racism never died, it just lied dormant and festered and we as a nation have let it get too gargantuan from the mess we have fed it. Don’t get it twisted though, Trump isn’t the main Chef. It’s like David Banner said about Trump, “This may be the best thing to ever happen to black people, maybe in history because now there is no excuse…I think the veil of America has been ripped off. The fake mask has been ripped off”. Welcome to the ugly side. A visage where people of other races cannot win an Oscar. A nation where a black lead character cannot have a show of their own without criticism. A world where movies with an all black cast is seen as racist. There’s only so many movies, shows and awards you can give to other people before this was finally revealed. The truth has always been there and now that we are in the era we are in now it’s just had the light shone on it.

“This may be the best thing to ever happen to black people, maybe in history because now there is no excuse”-David Banner

Let’s not forget everyone who thought that voting for this man was the best move ever. Following what a business man turned politician is pretty much the myth of lemmings come to life. People followed the helmet haired idiot all the way down to the bottom. He fooled members of the LGBT community, Black community, Hispanic, Caucasian so on and so forth. We have sewn seeds of the future in poor soil and the rain ain’t coming for a good long minute. He even had good friends and acquaintances fooled as well. You’re friends voted for him despite the fact that they backed you and pumped up everything you said. Notice how I said FRIENDS, didn’t give a specific color. No one in their right mind can sit back and blame black, brown, yellow or white. Some people have the intention of doing wrong simply because it’s their nature and that has nothing to do with color20728308_10214535937811926_4999967841961064047_n. This is an US (Untied States) problem! The problem didn’t begin on its own and needs to have an US (United Solution) to fix it. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing-Edmund Burke

But the question is how? How can we begin to fix this? We need to take our government back. I’m not asking for a just a revolution, but a VELVET Revolution. Too much blood has been shed as it is, too much hate has been spread. The revolution urge you all to consider is this:

  1. Get involved with your government because the best weapon is the one that is being used against you. All that knowledge that has been gathered to work against you can be used effectively for you as well.
  2. Boycott if you know something is wrong. DO NOT support it. Many people claimed that they would boycott the NFL, I plan on doing just that. How many others will TRUELY do the same?
  3. Find like minded people because we are all suffering through this. Some people have privilege others don’t. Some don’t want it. If people come together and network skills to make good happen, it becomes a victory in itself.
  4. It ain’t called snitchin if it’s the truth if you know someone is doing something wrong, SAY SOMETHING! That goes for civilians as well as law enforcement. The only way to get rid of the bad ones is to actually do something instead of saying nothing! If you got a problem in your house, aren’t you the one to solve it? Doesn’t the same apply to your neighborhood? How about your state? What about your country? Don’t take this as a reason to go bash and shove out anyone. It sounds like the same mentality of everyone that is protesting but it is not. This is the mentality that is backed by our rights as American citizens. What is an American citizen? Anyone who lives in this country and has an ounce of respect for the freedoms that come with being here. A people who want to live amongst one another, have their kids get along with one another. Not white, not black, PEOPLE! Just PEOPLE! A UNIFIED people who are here to live in UNITY and PEACE.
  5. luke-cage-john-gallagherLive! These are times of grief and tension, especially for people of color. If they can easily persecute and kill black people, they can easily move onto other groups as well and have already have. Many middle eastern cultures have changed their religious dress style in fear of death in a nation that is supposed to be free for everyone. If they wanted to risk death they would have stayed in their own lands instead of coming here to seek it out. This is fear bred from hate. Fear wants you to hide, cower. Fear wants you to know you can die at any time. Don’t be afraid, if you are afraid you have already let fear win. Instead live and live well. Live smart and know your situation but don’t be afraid of it. We do not have the luxury of being bullet proof but we do have the luxury to enjoy what many people fought and died to provide. Freedom.

I could go on and on about this until I’ve written an entire essay on why America wants you to shut up. The fact of the matter is, we won’t. In order for evil to NOT triumph there must be good people willing to stand up and fight for what is necessary in order to see that peace prospers. There can be no peace without war. But War is something that can be had without any physical violence. We should not have to slander one another to get our points across. If we can’t work together we might as well burn this nation down, light the match and watch everything that the years have accumulated turn to ash…and then nothing. I’ve lived here too long to let that happen and refuse to see our future generations ruined because old people keep teaching old hatreds. The only way we can even get through this is together…TOGETHER. #Unifyordie

-War is never silent

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