The War List: Cable CONFIRMED for Deadpool 2!

deadpool-2-apercu-personnage-cable-1000x800If you haven’t been keeping up with the news Josh Brolin is slated as Cable in the next Deadpool movie (Deadpool 2: Pool Harder, Pool with a Vengeance). While some people are on the fence about this choice (Especially some of my friends, I’m lookin at you Rob!) with good reason, I don’t see much of a problem with it. The few movies that I have seen with Josh Brolin starring in them (No Country for Old Men,Sicaro,Old Boy,Sin City to name a few) were pretty damn good. Others might see this as a simple reason to cast someone who is just a name.I see it differently and here is why. But just for grins, I’ll give you a short list of who could have played Cable.

  1. Brolin has already been in the gaze of the Marvel Universe for a good minute and is currently being built up for his confrontation with the Avengers. He is going to be noticed in by other studios who create comic book movies. (Fox, Sony, etc.)
  2. Everyone needs redemption. Ben Affleck can be a key example (Dare Devil anyone?) Brolin did Joanah Hex and that was a time when comic movies were not as epic as they are now (Spawn anyone?). I’d say Brolin is on a good path as far as comic movie redemption. First Thanos and now Cable (I didn’t forget Sin City but Clive Owens Dwight is hard to follow up).
  3. The Nick Cage Problem. Admittedly I like Nicholas Cage movies. While some are actually decent (Gone in 60 Seconds, Season of the Witch) you have others that were…well, yeah..hang on yeah…Ghost Rider sucked. Both of them. So pretty much ANYTHING that is better than Nicholas Cage or the Ghost Rider movies far from the bar of being the worst.
  4. The similarities do not look bad. I really can appreciate the work the art department has done with making Brolin look like Cable. Plus with his acting chops I know he can do the role justice as a serious, mission driven bad ass.

But as far as people who could possibly play the role, consider these actors:

  1. Steven Lang
  2. Ray Stevenson
  3. Frank Grillo
  4. Liam Neeson
  5. Kurt Russell
  6. Michael Shannon

Give this man a chance I have faith in him making this role work and the choices could always be worse. So to all the haters


-War is never silent

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