The War Report:Expecting the Worst of the Best (Destiny 2 Beta)

Here it is fellow Guardians! Hours from now we will be immersed in the Destiny 2 Beta and the aftermath of Ghaul…Or Gary. What does that mean for us? Epicness! Awesomeness! LEWT!


However, lets not forget the biggest thing, Errors, Bugs, Issues! I am in now means trying to be a troll I’m just being honest. With every Beta comes all the issues with the product BEFORE it is finished. Again, this will not be the finished product! There will be glitches, exploits, grief. Expect the worst as you try to play the best.

I myself am going into this Beta with¬† the intent of having fun because, hell, it’s my Destiny!…Bad joke. But regardless I know it’s going to be a new experience that we are all getting a peer into. What we leave behind in Destiny 1 we will continue in Destiny 2. With any luck we will leave behind the bad and move forward with the good.


With that being said just a friendly reminder. Don’t let the bad get you down or discourage you. Push past it and look at what the game could be and will be in the future as long as all the issues are worked out. Use this time to gain some experience with the story and how some of the weapons and classes¬†work.


Band with me fellow Guardians. I know the hype is real and the time is short! But with the Traveler as our witness, we will play this Beta until we find everything we can and take it for ourselves! But just make sure that you have fun during the whole process and respect your fellow Guardians while enjoying yourselves =D!

War is never silent…

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