Wrath of the Titan

Damn it feels good to be a Guardian! (Q Rise of Iron Music)

I’ve mained a Titan ever since the first time I set foot in the Cosmodrome. The beta for Destiny 2 is going to be here in 3 more days and I am excited! Really can’t wait to see what all the shout it about but lets do a quick re-cap for all those other titans who held the wall (or what is soon to be left of it).


Apparently each class is only going to have two and only two (for now?) subclasses. For us Titans it looks like we are hanging with the classics (Striker and Sentinel/Defender).  This is a good time to play Captain America: The Simulator because the shield that you get to attack with is pretty much along the lines of being everyone’s favorite shield wielding super soldier, going to be interesting flinging a shield into a room full of enemies. Ward of Dawn does make a return but with its longevity based on the amount of damage it takes instead of being a timed super. destiny-2-sentinel

As much as I love playing as a Defender I also equally love playing as a Striker. Even in Destiny 1 I took Striker over Sunbreaker. It fit my fast hitting quick play style more so than the Sunbreaker. The Striker was made even better when they added the Dune Marchers and combining them with the Mida Multi-tool made you faster than most hunters. This time around it looks like the Striker has been shuffled around a little bit. There are different barriers that you can set up as a Striker, both of which give you different buffs for gameplay. Shoulder charge looks like it took a nerf as it only does half the damage. However, 6 Fist of Havoc and 2 grenades more than make up for that. Assuming that this will all be included in the beta/final version. It’s hard to tell because the footage that IGN played was older footage from what has been seen initially.


My biggest concern as far as the look of the Titan mainly deals with the Marks.


I LOVE me sum Season of the Ages XII to the point where I am seriously contemplating putting it on my body as a tattoo. Other marks that stand out are Mark of the Chosen, Mark of Resolve and Light of the Great Prism. These are all very detailed pieces of armor that make your Titan stand out amongst a sea of others.

So far I haven’t seen anything that really screams “Built for battle” or “War Machine”. My hope is that when the real game is released there will be a variety of Marks to choose from that will make my Titan stand out once again.

When you add everything together I guess we should all be happy that there is even a Destiny 2. Considering the controversial start of this game up until this point we the fans should enjoy what Bungie is bringing us. I know I for one am very happy to be able to grab my gear and ride the lightning once more into battle as a Striker Titan or possibly Be the Wall as a Sentinel. Here’s to good games!

BTW: Free Beta Code offer will be put in my next post if my brother doesn’t want it.

Stay tuned!

War is Never Silent


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