The HYPE IS REAAAAAALLL!!! Destiny 2 thoughts.

The day was a Thursday,  the countdown marked something truly #epic…Minutes ticked to seconds, seconds ticked to,awesomeness. Then…Then we were graced with something we had been waiting to see for a long time this:

I already has some sort of respect for #Zavala as a character but this #trailer really made me feel something that I had not felt since #Destiny …A friggen character connection. The big blue guy is seen from his early resurrection days to how he is now and the transformation could not be any more amazing. Shaxx and Saladin can be seen in this trailer as well and there is even an Epic moment.


As excited as #Warlocks are to be wielding the #Dawnblade…I am really looking forward to being Captain America. I primarily was a void titan who loved the benefits of War Machine perk (reload, faster after melee kill <3) but this new throw-able #shield looks better than the typical bubble Destiny 1 titans had to deal with. Who wouldn’t want to bash enemy’s with a defense weapon? Striker Titans are also getting a little more of an upgrade with 3 fist of havoc strikes instead of just one. The perks look pretty promising for all classes.


The last thing that really caught my attention was the clan system.


In game clan help, especially if you are not part of a clan or are just used to being a lone wolf, good movie #Bungie. I am really happy about the fact that they realize that not everyone can do the Nightfall or Raid because they either can not find people to team up with or don’t want to utilize the tools such as LFG destiny (I.E. See my post as far as dealing with that). Sometimes you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding some randoms to team up with. Sometimes you just don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of the #LFG #Pros downing the new guy for not knowing how to do something. Whatever your reason for not wanting to play with other players, there was a huge disconnect as far as wanting others to play together. The clan system as a whole was just way too much to deal with anyway. Tell someone to go to a website, to follow another website, to find buttons, etc,etc. With clans being in-game it should be a lot easier to recruit and actively find members instead of having to join a clan based on a guess.

To wrap it up, I am really looking forward to playing this game as soon as it comes out (#Beta please be awesome!) and really hope that what was seen in the trailers can actually be seen in the finished product (Remember last years trailer for the first Destiny). Titan will probably be my main class again and you can find me doing shield bashes on the battlefield. #WarChildGoneWild


War is never silent

-War Child Offline


  1. I enjoyed the write up. You communicated the game with passion and enthusiasm.

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