May Mash-up: Comics,Movies, GAMES N’ MOAR



HELLO ALL! It’s been a minute I apologize for that and will do a follow-up post explaining EVERYTHING that is going on with my life right now. But you’ve not here to hear about all of this and that involving the intricacies of being the War Child (AKA War Daddy now). You’re here to read about what is going on this month in the world of movies! Also if you didn’t know yesterday was Free Comic Book Day #FCBD

I didn’t really have a chance to go to an actual store and purchase (borrow for permanent?) any comic books. But Comixology does have a ton of free comics, for you to read. I haven’t had much time to go back and view what just came out so I went through my wish list as well as my purchase list and found a few I would definitely think of reading again or purchasing now #pricedrop . Also if you haven’t checked out some of the new comics, you really should #TheButton #FatherSonReunion .


A lot of good movies are coming out this month. My first and foremost pick is Alien: Covenant. Some people hated Prometheus (Me being one of them) and felt like Ridley Scott had lost his passion. Covenant is seeking to bring back the Alien series to its former glory. There have been active community members that have either seen the film already or have posted footage from Alien Day and have given the movie a huge “YES” as far as watching it in theaters. I know where I will have my butt at come Thursday the 11th/Friday the 12th…That’s if I can get out of the house #Hopes #Dreams #NeoMorph #Xenomorph #ALIEN .

There are at least a few decent games coming out this month. Prey being one of the top games being pushed. Check out the reviews and give it some thought before you decide to buy or Red Box this Re-Boot. Honestly this game looks like it would be worth spending some time playing and it’s bound to be as good as any Shock series of game. Also, let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to turn into a coffee cup and sneak attack an enemy?

That’s all I got time for my fellow Warbound. Check out everything above and hopefully find something that you will be interested in. If you liked what you read or would just like to leave feed back, feel free to like or comment below. Stay up dated on Twitter, Facebook and Twitch. Also give Warbound Radio a look too on Soundcloud and Facebook.Until next time remember:

The rush is loud, so ride the lightning!

-WarChild Offline

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