Save Point:The Trouble with Two Player

Guess it’s time for me to put my gramps glasses on…But I remember BACK IN THE DAY!!! Seriously though, it was always easier to find someone to play a game with in the early days of consoles. LAN parties used to be a great gathering of friends or family in one room with computers connected to one central hub. Many good times came from being around those who you could actually interact and play games with and even the full interaction of hearing loud shouts or groans of frustration from being fragged made the experience even greater.

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So what happened?

Well…Time…Lack of Social Areas…The Interwebs. So many key factors to the downfall of LOCAL co-op games. While the common couch co-op days are an extinct creature, most people find comfort in playing online games. There is nothing wrong with playing games with multiple people from different areas of the countries (or countries depending on what you are playing). Some games you need to play online with multiple people because a mission might be too hard to tackle yourself. I know it seems like I am bashing internet based games but there is nothing all that bad with them. But there are some bad things about the whole situation.

5 steps forward…Same 5 steps forward…How did I get back?

So…LAG. EVERYONE that plays games on ANYTHING knows about it and how annoying it can be. This is any game that requires you to always be online enemy. My fondest memories of lag are from my Diablo days. There is nothing like traversing a map only to find out that the map ends just for the sake of ending (mainly because your connection sucks or the person you are playing with has a crap connection or both)! This was during the days of 56K modems so you got what you paid for which was the standard at the time. Even Quake III arena and Unreal had their lag issues you just had to learn how to lag shoot. Plan on where the opposing player is and then spray and play. As bad as lag is it did not affect these games too much because these were free server games, basically after you paid the cost of the game you could play online. Lag does still exist even in modern games such as Killer Instinct, Call of Duty and Destiny. So if it isn’t the slow down of game play what could the ultimate game killer be?

You play it you pay for it!

Micro transactions and Paying for full content…Pretty much what makes the online community go round. Games are released now without having full content included OR by having full content on the disk which becomes available for purchase after a while. These are available as “Season Passes” (What am I paying for entry into Six Flags? When did gaming even become a seasonal thing? Why is there no gaming “Season Finale?”). A major game that I play, Destiny, was EXTREMELY guilty of that. The first “season pass” contained The Dark Below and House of Wolves then after that there were no more season passes but mainly purchase every thing.

When you add up how much was spent on just purchasing expansion and add the fact that there were random micro transactions that would allow players to purchase in-game only content, it’s enough to make a gamer clutch their money like Gollum


and be very wary of who is taking it. Seems like online games should have taken a page from GTA5 and provided content for free with the OPTION of purchasing more in game currency and that’s it.

I think we can handle buying another computer or console…Right?

Last but not least, it seems like you need 2 consoles just to play with someone IN YOUR HOUSE! This is ultimately the thing that kills me! I pay over $399 for a console, $60 for one single game and then the extra cost of controllers or any other extra gadgets that may be needed to play a single game on a console. Just to turn around and spend that much money again so I could possibly play a game with my wife or have a friend over to play a single game with. I understand the times are changing but sometimes things should at least have a way for two people to be able to just play against or with each other. What is the point of glorifying the latest graphics when you cannot even do a simple things such as split screen? Gears of War, DooM, Goldeneye, Resident Evil 5,Need for Speed even Mario Kart have had split screen modes allowing 2 or more players to enjoy the experience together.

Just want to play for 2

At the end of the day this is something that the gaming community has to deal with and will always have to deal with. This is the way that we play now. The blessing is that some games, mostly indie, have a couch co-op mode as an option. I’ve played Lovers and Mercenary Kings with my wife (she really loves, Lovers).


Hats off to Blizzard for making Diablo III  still a multiplayer game as well, they never lost their roots. Gamers that were allowed to socialize amongst one and other were able to, surprise, inspire more people to game. I think this causes a suffrage in gaming circles because of the fact that you have to wait on reviews or wait for someone to twitch stream a game in order to provide a type of advertising for most games out there now. When you could invite someone over to hang out and play a game you advertised for that company and would create a social circle which could expand even further into other circles as well. Ultimately, I’m not downing online play I’m asking for options. Let me decide if I want to play online, with a friend on the couch or just in front of the TV by myself WITHOUT being connected to the internet.


But that’s just my opinion. Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully understand. If you feel differently or agree with what I am saying please feel free to leave a comment or feed back down below or email or leave a comment @warchildgames on twitter. I do respond back ASAP.

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