Dark Matter:Daughters Of The Storm


Becka Munroe-(GeNext #1)  Becka is believed to be the daughter of Storm and an unknown man. Being from the Savage Land, she is an expert hunter. She possesses the powers of her mother as well as an ability to turn into a feral like humanoid. During her feral mode she is not in complete control of her weather abilities and they tend to be uncontrolled.



Sky Panther – The future daughter of T’Challa and Storm (Avengers Academy #12) trained since birth in Wakandan martial arts. She wears her mothers trademark mohawk along with a black two piece body suit decorated in bones in various spots.


Sh’ri-(Exiles #6) Daughter of Storm and T’Challa. When her father was presumed dead after his disappearance she took his place as the new Black Panther. She was trained in Wakandan martial arts since birth and supposedly ingested the heart-shaped herb to gain the same powers as the Black Panther.


Torrent- The Daughter of Storm and Logan (What if #114). She has her fathers height and her mothers hair color. Like her father she has enhanced senses as well as healing factor and baseline feral traits. From her mother she has enough control of weather powers to allow her to fly, project electricity and wind projection.  She was trained in martial arts by Storm and Wolverine and was trained in her abilities by Professor X.


Kymera– (Wolverine and the X-Men #36) The daughter of Storm and quite possibly Black Panther. Kymera’s abilities include being skilled at in knife based combat as well as the ability to communicate and command animals along with her enhanced tracking skills. The fact that she is seen with a large, black cat alludes to the fact that Black Panther could very well be her paternal father.


I must admit that before I did the research on this topic I had no idea that Storm even had daughters. It was a journey of curiosity that lead me down the path and the answers that I discovered. This is just a little bit of what lies in the pages and I hope, like me, it will be enough to make you curious to find out more.

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