Dark Matter: The Punishing Outlaw

London born Nigel Higgins appeared in Punisher #64 as a super fan of Frank “The Punisher” Castle. His family was taken from him in an event that was similar to The Punishers loss of family. Instead of grieving Nigel was inspired by The Punisher to become a vigilante called Outlaw. He helped The Punisher evade Interpol after he arrived in the London airport and took him to his base of operations that his cousin set up for him. Castle warned Nigel to not follow the same path that he had trodden down, but due to Nigel being valuable in his London operations The Punisher continued to work with him. Nigel also took down one of the crime bosses himself during field operations with The Punisher. Their missions continued up until Punisher #70 where Nigel decided that a life filled was violence was too much for him so he put away his Punisher shirt and hardware.

punisher69-striketeamHowever in Punisher# 86 Nigel was clad in his Punisher gear once again upon hearing rumor that Frank Castle had been killed. Boots on the ground in America, he worked to establish himself as the new Punisher while sifting through the rumors to find the truth. Castles past criminals revealed to Nigel, after some coaxing, that Castle was in holed up in a place called Laastekist. While trying to rescue the Punisher was defeated by a group called the righteous ones. Later on after Castle was rescued from the group and Nigel returned back to England faking his death and retiring once again after facing the Architect and his thugs, thwarting the villans plans.


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