Transformers: The Last Knight


I have a love for these Transformer movies. Maybe it’s the nostalgia, maybe it’s the designs, maybe it could even be the action. Either way, these films have my attention and they have recently grabbed it tight. Transformers: The Last Knight seems like it’s aiming to keep Marky Mark as a key character involved in the story line. PLUS MICHAEL BAY, EXPLOSIONS!

The order and the lore of these movies is not even close to how it should be. The Spark, Matrix of Leadership, even Galvatron have been utilized wrong, but still, the movies are pretty good. With the second movie, Revenge of the Fallen, being the weakest and the Third movie, Dark of the Moon (ending the LaBeouf trilogy), things can get better, right? Personally I think that Walhberg is a better pick than LaBeouf because of his quirky moments and action moments and he doesn’t feel forced into the story. Transformers seem to be getting more and that never hurts.

From the little I can gather from the trailer it looks like Cade (Marky Mark) is on the run from some type of military op…Or possibly some order that has been charged with keeping the “Peace/Balance” for centuries? Also, is Optimus supposed to be the new villain? Do my eyes deceive me, or is that some tasty Unicron goodness? Why is Bumble Bee fighting one of the mechs (Gekkos) from Metal Gear Solid 4?

Here’s my take on things. Optimus, or atleast his body, has ended up in space and is drifting towards some sort of anomaly of darkness. There are several shots in the trailer depicting a GIANT “planet” that is quiet possibly Unicron. This massive planet eating transformer has somehow taken control of Optimus and reformed his body as a vessel of his will (Think Galactus and his heralds). Primes main objective is to wipe out any and all transformer life but some how Megatron (The robot formerly known as Galvatron) is going to try and stop him before Unicron makes his way to earth, for his own reasons of course.

Just a theory but either way I am looking forward to seeing this movie in theaters and this time, I won’t fall asleep (glares at Revenge of the Fallen).

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