Destiny: Grind of Iron


Despite a new addition to the storyline in the form of the Iron Lords…Not much has changed in the realm of Destiny. Rise of Iron is a great add-on for Destiny but it hits a small mark for me. I was slightly whelmed, almost over whelmed, but slightly whelmed by the game. I wanted so much more.


The storyline missions lasted less than 4 hours, not the first time this has happened and sadly not the last. What really knocks the hype train off the rails is, once again, the lack of story. PVP is great and everything but some of us “Guardians” are looking for content. and could use a lot more than a grind and distraction for a few hours. I played this game every night after work and the nagging thought that plagued me was “When does this shit get stale?”

Making Saladin proud until the boredom sets in.

Well, here is that moment…I find myself on the slow grinding path towards maxing out my light level just so I can attempt the heroic mode raid with a group of people. Which if not for a few friends I’ve met on twitter, I still would not have. So that grind would have been for nothing. Now the only problem is trying to match up work/life schedules to make it possible.

I’m not saying this is a bad addition to the content of Destiny, but what I am saying is that it would be nice to see a little more than just a few hours worth of game play. Especially seeing that this is the last add-on before the new game , Destiny 2, comes out. If Bungie can make the next game better by not adding small bits to the story that would work out worlds better, which is what we deserve after fighting in the same areas for almost 2 years. The last thing we need is more miro-transactions,cut content and broken gameplay.

But hell at least we got the G-Horn back…


-War Child Offline

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