The Downfall of the Demon King


What a roller coaster ride for Raw’s latest talent. Finn Balor, a new era wrestler, is currently on the rise since he came into the Raw brand grabbing the brass ring with determination. roman-reigns-vs-finn-balor-oHe Blasted through challenges such as,now mid-card,Roman Reigns on his first night on Raw after surviving a gauntlet challenge.This victory earned him a spot as the number 1 contender for the WWE Universal Championship. This contender spot would pit him against former champion, Seth Rollins.

Enter Summer Slam…

So here it is, the build up of the feud between Balor and Rollins. The match that fans have been waiting for since the Raw appearance of the Demon King. Balor established dominance in the opening bell with his signature drop kick blasting Rollins into the turn buckle.finn-balor-vs-seth-rollins-oThe match quickly turned into a display of technical skill as well as character egos. Both combatants went back and forth gaining the upper hand until Balor was able to hit Rollins with the Coupe De Grace.The Eye of Balor had finally opened…But at what cost?

The Eye of Balor Closes…

This is the part where things come to a depressing point, for now. Balor suffered a torn labum. This injury forces him to drop the Universal Title, his very first official WWE title, the day after he won it at Summer Slam. Balor is a great talent, he could use a little mic practice as far as grasping the crowd’s attention, but he is very over. The level of respect he had Monday night was one that many wrestlers hope to attain. He is a major player without even being in the Raw roster for more than a few months, if that.

A Legened In the Making…

Make no mistake about the fact that Balor has been over since before his NXT debut and WWE signing. From opening up his own wrestling school to traveling the dojos of Japan, Finn has left a long and definitive trail since his boots graced the canvas. One injury does not mean that he is done and if anything he still has much to give to the WWE. It can be guaranteed that when Balor makes his come back he will be welcomed by the WWE universe with cheers and applause and all his opponents will fear the opening of the eye of Balor.


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