No Man’s Try:The Misunderstanding

The world of gaming as we know is always full of some chaotic aspect. Goals involves,the player, having to chop,smash,squash or mainly shoot our way through baddies blocking us from the objective. I myself find a sort of pleasure in being the heroic space marine tasked to stop a flood of aliens or demons. No Man’s Sky takes a different angle from the typical FPS view-point. I feel that this is the main reason why the reviews are so mixed, gamers never expected an E-therapy (Electronic Therapy) game hidden behind a calmly crafted game of survival meant to calm the savage FPS soul.

E-Therapy At Its Finest


Your typical buckshot blasting,head shot honcho will not love No Man’s Sky, this game is meant to grasp the stressed out mind and transform it into a state of calmness. 65daysofstatic,the musical composers, are responsible for immersing you into the game’s story with their electronic, futuristic music. Exploring alien landscape has never been so peaceful as colors (bright reds, hues of blue, tones of green) warm and cool come together to form an attention grabbing environment. Sights and sounds are the catalyst of an open world aspect of exploration with a slight underlying survival theme.The prospect of finding abundant (sometimes) materials in an unknown planet sized area is truly something to experience.With everything that a digital explorer could want, how could this game be bad?

Same Ship Different Day…

No Man’s Sky has a major tendency to become repetitive. The main fuels you need to power your suit,ship and multi-tool take up a majority of your inventory. While you can upgrade your  suit, ship and multi-tool you are limited to the amount you can carry. On the topic of ships, Why is there no trade value? Pay all these units (money) in order to lose a ship that you may want to keep. Why can’t you keep the ship and upgrade it? Questions I often asked myself as I scoured the multi-environmental waste of several random planets that I had just found. I was really missing the design of my old ship as I putted around in my new ride, a cockpit jammed into the side of a bulky, fish like, boxy body. I now have another ship (a borrowed third party Star Fox wanna be) but don’t want to trade it in because it is a bad mutha ride! But eventually I am going to have to shell out some units to be able to carry more materials and I am not looking forward to it.

Large Universe, Little Action


I guess the last gripe that could be brought up is the lack of action. Conflicts usually consist of small dog fights with other ships, sentinel fights when planetside and a occassional few pissed off, randomly generated, creatures every now and then. I know I still have much to do in the game and ,E-Therapy or not, eventually I may grow out of No Man’s Sky. Especially with my love/hate relationship with Destiny and her hot new number Rise of Iron. One can only hope that there will be a plan to expand on what this game has to give.

Should I Suit Up or Not?

Honestly this game is a decent game. If you aren’t in the mindset of committing to it I would recommend a short rental and decide from there. I myself was hooked since the first day I saw the trailer but feel like many things are still missing. Where is the over abundance of life and huge dinosaurs and huge rhino creatures that jump from trees and scare you to your ship? Maybe they are out there, maybe not, until then I guess I’ll have to keep searching.

See you in space, cowboy.

-War Child Offline


  1. I hadn’t come across the term e-therapy before. I think the rental option my be the best bet for me. The more I read about this game, the more on the fence I become.

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