Apple Plans to Boot Bootleggers

The Chicago Tribune posted an apple brand patent that reportedly affect the way concerts, movies or other sensitive events are viewed. The enemy of every movie is a bootlegger, people who will illegally record movies in the theater. EVERYONE records and takes pictures at concerts. Sensitive areas will also be affected by this change.

Bootlegging has been an ongoing issue since the first person to ever bring a camera into a movie theater. It is easy to understand why a company would want to keep their creative ideas from the eye of the public until release. When someone can easily take a few hundred dollars worth of equipment and rip off a multi-million dollar production it is far from fair. Apple should not have been one of the first people to come up with this idea in respects to movies, this should have been something that should already have been done or on the list of things to prevent. But since Apple is working on this the spoils go to them.

Concerts are beheld by everyone. Music is streamed or downloaded but most of an artist money will be made from concerts. I can understand how one would not want intellectual property shared to others who did not pay, but I think it is a shot in the foot. Most artist will gain popularity by word of mouth as well as shared concert pictures and footage. A beginning band can easily gain a push from personal media shared between friends or other fans. I truly hope that they would not allow media to be recorded at concerts.

Sensitive areas have always had a need for control. From court cases to movie sets footage has been leaked onto the internet about the major goings on in these areas. Don’t get me wrong, I was glad when The Interview was released but it still didn’t change the fact that it was a crap movie. Expendables was another movie that suffered a blow from piracy and shockingly enough, as far as I know, Star Wars was able to dodge this bullet thanks to internet honesty. It has been time for this situation to be put to a stop in order to protect and prevent the damage in media markets as well as judicial. A high-profile court case can easily be mishandled if information were to get out into the common public which means that something that could affect the common people, for better or worse, can be prevented because of someones internet fame hungry mentality.

I really hope that this patent does good for the media communities, with the exception of concerts. There are good things that can come from this. Honestly, it would be great to have relevant movies again instead of stale remakes. I guess Hollywood feels that if it’s going to be pirated it might as well be something that has already been done.But really, if the lid could remain on the proverbial jar this punishment would not need to be enforced. We never would have had to come to this point…And this is probably just the beginning. So next time you think about doing some dirt or spreading something you shouldn’t remember that every action has an equal consequence.

The rush is loud, so ride the lightning.

-War Child Offline

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