Five Crazy Collectables

Games by themselves can be a gift in a box but collectors editions are like treasure chest (insert Zelda treasure chest sound here). We’ve all had that one item that we could not wait to get in the mail or have spent a long time waiting for to come out. But just like RNJesus deems fit, sometimes the loot is not worth the time.Sometimes seeing what else is offered with the game is just a little too much. Here are 5 of the top crazy collectables that seem overkill.

Dead Island: Zombie Bait Edition


Because every teenage boy needs a half-naked, bloody torso to covet and call their own. Seriously though, what would you even do with this thing other than sit it in your room on a shelf and watch your social circle dwindle away to hermit status.

Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller


Dr. Salvador was a vicious enemy who had a habit of insta-killing Leon with his chainsaw. That soon spawned a whole line of enemy in the RE series that would head hunt the protagonist with a chainsaw.To commemorate the crazy genius of this baddy, Capcom had this beauty created. You couldn’t play the game to save your life but at least you looked deadly while doing it.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist Paladin Airplane


I admit to being suckered into this one. Splinter Cell had a base inside a mobile aircraft called the Paladin. While Sam Fisher was between missions he could meet up with other NPCs to move he dialogue along as well as interact with his gear and other mission aspects. Ubisoft included a replica of the plane that could actually take flight. This is actually one of the cooler ones on the list but the landings were always hard to stick during decent.

ANY Call of Duty Collectors Edition

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From night vision goggles, aerial drones to juggernog fridges, nothing was too extravagant for the CoD franchise. Hell, Black OPs even had an RC Bomb car included in the first game. The question I can’t find an answer to is, what are you going to do with night vision goggles in a common house hold? That plus aerial drone all you need is mission papers and poof! From game to Ethan Hunt in 3 or 4 collectors editions. I guess anything to justify the game franchise as well as raise the price for all that’s included. I have a feeling that they haven’t even touched the crazy items yet.

Onimusha 3:Soul Controller

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Again, I was suckered into buying this one without having the game. I love katanas, but I sucked at Onimusha (damn flying dolls). Plus my lack of a Playstation kept me from being able to try out the series (I played Onimusha on the 360). Several games later Capcom came out with a 3rd game that featured Jean Reno as a playable character. The game looked sick and also had a “Soul Controller” katana crafted after the protagonists weapon. Years later after playing the first one my curiosity for more Onimusha lead me to this bit of L33Tness and the rest, as they say, is history…Still, like it’s cousin the chainsaw controller, it caused more suck than soul during game play.

After seeing this list, what other crazy game swag have you come across? Leave detail in the feed back section or feel free to email me you comments or suggestions .

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