Xbox: One Control

Finally an answer to my gaming prayers! Custom controllers for Xbox One! Thanks to the new design lab, released by Microsoft, there is an opportunity for Xbox owners to create their own custom controllers for the Xbox system. This could be a first step towards deeper customization options later down the development and evolution of the system But for now the base choices are pretty fun to combine.


Owning your own personalized controller is a step towards developing a deeper relationship with a console and what it has to offer. The only options used to be buying one made by a 3rd party company (which was very costly), waiting on a special edition controller to be created (which is very limited) or creating the controller yourself (which is something that can be done but is also very costly as well as limited depending on budget).

I dabbled with the random colors of what the design lab had to offer and crafted several different designs: Finn the Human, DooM Guy, Mech Masher, The Fisher and ODST .

Limited, as it may be, the design output is satisfying. One can only hope for more design additions such as thumb stick color options, other than what they have now, as well as button positioning and wire wire/color for those who still liked wired connections.Even adding shades and shapes for an overlay would be much appreciated. When my bank account is right I will definitely be nabbing one of these. Here’s a preview:

Green Grunt.png

Until next time my creative cohorts!

-War Child Offline

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