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As The Dust Settled

The end of E3 has many looking forward to many different games and many different systems. Some stood out (Skyrim Remake,Mafia III,Zelda) while some just didn’t really seem to hit the mark (The Divisions expansion and Batman VR). I find it ironic,of all the games that were presented at E3, the one series I have never played has my full attention. God of War IV is a total win in my book.

Kratos Vs Who?

Rumor speculates that Kratos will be fighting gods of Norse Mythology.The footage is a nod towards this fact as different runes sprawl across stone structures. Draugrs spring to life from death and attack Kratos and his son in an iced covered pit near some ruins. Kratos throws an axe as if it was Mjölnir itself. A  troll breaks through the bridge just to attack and break the god killer and his kin.  There is non stop norse inspired action and visuals all through this trailer and all this came from a deer hunt between father and son.

Lone Wolf and Cub

God of War is set to revolve around Kratos forming a bond between his son despite rumor saying that Kratos will not be the main character in the game.Through the trailer you can see how he wants to react as a father to his son but has to teach him how to be a man.Kratos tries to control his legendary Spartan rage through his lessons to his son. His son is an eager boy who is still in the mindset of being young and innocent but needs to learn how to survive and embrace his inner warrior. Should his son achieve the right of passage from father to become the god slayer? What makes this boy so qualified?


How Shall the Legend Be Written?

I view this as getting a chance to experience a  new chapter in this series seeing as how I never had a chance to play the originals. What weapons will replace the Blades of Chaos? What caused Kratos to even come into the land of the Norse?Is it really true that Kratos will not be the protagonist in the game later on? Even after covering so much there are still so many questions left as to how this series will unfold now. How shall the legend be written?


-War Child Offline

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