E3:Bethesda Quakes Hard

Once again E3 hits like a BFG Blast to the face! It’s not even over yet and already there are companies gunning for best in show. Just like a showdown between Golden State and the Cavs you can guarantee that the big names will bring their heavy hitters. My money is (and will readily be given) to Bethesdas lineup of epic titles.They have been rocking the wasteland, causing major Quakes and creating like hell.

Fallout Shelter and all of its addictive glory.

Fallout 4 is expected to get some major upgrades and a new expansion. Extra items and creative new features are being added to the Wasteland Workshop (armor racks,kits and even the ability to make your own vault being a few.Nuka World, a Nuka Cola theme park, is also being added to the main storyline of FO4. Fallout Shelter is also adding on the ability to watch your dwellers travel the wasteland as well as new enemies. Now you can finally shoot for the head with a new VATS like system, take that raiders!

Quake is slated to return as Quake Champions (The E3 crowd was in an ecstatic uproar at the mention of Quake).

Quake Champions
Quake Champions, prepare for humiliation.

Who doesn’t remember spending days into night of frag fest filled fun behind the screen of a computer?Running down corridors and hitting jump pads just to get that perfect arch advantage with the rail gun? How about fighting the Strogg army or the forces of Shub-Niggurath? Seems like ID specializes in cranking out epicness.


DooM,Rip and Tear!

DooM has just ripping and tearing away since it’s release. New weapons,maps,armor,colors, and a new demon called theHarvester will be unleashed in Dooms “Unto Evil” DLC.One of the biggest features of DooM is the SnapMap creator. The creator has allowed many of the DooM community to create playable levels for everyone that owns the game.ID even spent time indulging in player created maps. SnapMap updates are free to the creative community.and will definitely help shape the DooM universe.

There is still more to come from many others and I cannot wait to see what will be released within these next years. The struggle and the save will definitely increase as more titles are announced within these next couple of days. VR technology is even being taken advantage of lately (DooM and FO4 are scheduled for the VR treatment soon).If this is the opening to the State of the Gaming Union then I happily accept the changes coming in the horizon with what will hopefully be, a full wallet. But that’s the life of a gamer.

Until next time.

The rush is loud, so ride the lightning!

-War Child offline



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