Five Pros of Downloadable Content (DLC)

Planned flow of content – Usually when a game is marketed as being the next best thing the content that comes along with it will usually be just as big. In order for titles today to succeed and grow a downloadable content schedule is released along side with it. Without a planned flow of content a hit title will fail and not be easily brought back to life. Kind of like that one Destiny game. Titles like Alien: Isolation, Mass Effect even The Elder Scroll series are just a few examples of how DLC can keep a title burning in the disc drives of dedicated players. Planning for longevity will always benefit people who are willing to download DLC and play.

DLC usually comes quick – Content that has been planned for a game is usually quick to be released. Let’s be honest,The Division is a fun game to play in the beginning but it too starts being repetitive after the first few similar missions/side quest. Todays games just get stale quickly at times, especially the games that never make it past the six-hour mark. The Division has one DLC out already in the form of Falcon Lost soon to be followed by  Conflict. The DLC add-ons are an attempt to keep people interested in the game and so far, aside from server problems, it has done a decent job. The only problem with releasing content so close together is that it may not be a hit with the community. Quick DLC is only beneficial as a patch before a larger released DLC pack. But still, a little added flavor is always a help to keep players interested.

Content usually brings back players– Sometimes you have a game that just can’t seem to hold the tension of the members that are playing it. Take for example destiny, a title scheduled for 10 years, falling through in the follow-up. Bungie produced downloadable content expansions in the form of The Dark Below and House of Wolves.Personally, I felt House of Wolves brought life back to the failing platform of Destiny. Only to be taken away by the short-sighted Taken King DLC. Fallout 4 is a completely opposite experience. Fallout is a deeply immersive game as a standalone title. Bethesda took steps to add to the already off the wall yet enriched story by adding the Wasteland Workshop to add to player interaction. Wasteland Workshop allowed players to expand on their creativity and create even more detailed settlements. Players can even tame Death Claws, DEATH CLAWS. Fallout also has a new DLC coming soon in the form of Far Harbor which will also expand on faction quest as well as settlements and creatures and other features. Fallout provides a well laid out and planned season pass plan which has guaranteed that players will stay involved and if any players have strayed away this DLC is promised to bring them back. This is something all game companies should strive to do for their communities of loyal supporters.

Early purchase DLC usually had rewards– Pre-Orders offer incentives through early access items or exclusive content items. There are even XP boost offered at times depending on the nature of the game. Some gamers are just happy to play the game but others who plan on dedicating their time in efforts to excel at a game, could always use an extra push. But hey, even a unique vanity item isn’t a bad way to show others that you are dedicated to a game. Ain’t nothing wrong with looking good.

More times than none DLC usually expands upon games universe-DLC that is planned from the start, as stated earlier, is  released as large additions to a title. Good examples are The Shadow Broker and Arrival for Mass Effect 2, Old World Blues for Fallout New Vegas and Dragonborn for The Elder Scrolls:Skyrim. Well crafted add ons to a game can be a great way to bridge one title to another upcoming title. This bridge is created from the lore of a game and is the strongest way DLC can have a making or breaking effect on a series.A weak ending to any game can be fixed by additional lore through DLC but without this lore to push interest there cannot be anything to ensnare potential and current players. Deeper lore is needed in order to maintain a fan base especially when there is a second game waiting to ahead in the future.

-War Child Offline

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