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Recently Fínn Balor was defeated by Samoa Joe for the NXT Championship. Balor being a huge star in the NXT universe was more than over with the crowd and anytime you drop the belt in the developmental label. Looks like Raw might be getting a new star soon. But that leaves the open question of when will Samoa Joe pin that professional contract with WWE?

Like many others the main thing to worry about is will they mess up his character image? AJ styles is still a phenominal exception and Kevin Owens had a big push until they stopped his rampage. Apparently hustle,loyalty,respect is stronger than Fight,Owens,Fight but the PG era doesn`t feel safe with Kill,Steen,Kill. Which brings me to the next few Champs turned Chumps. Sami Zayne is still a draw but they are treating him like he`s the new Daniel Bryan. Adrian Neville is another NXT alum who for being a man who defies gravity they sure are pulling him down. Neville hasn`t been booked in anything important in a good long while and personlly I`m starting to wonder if he will ever fly agan…Then there is the Acension, this duo has decended into the depths of jobberdom. Why? In they were one of the most intense and dominant teams in NXT and then they were reduced down to a bootleg,low budget version of the Legion of Doom.

My words seem harsh but I have the upmost respect for these superstars. They were some of the hottest stars in the NXT universe and completely had their characters changed into watered down versions. Why? All because writers have no idea what they want to do with their talent. They are grinding their workers into the ground for what? The entertainment satisfaction of their fans?The fact they do not know what thier emoloyees are capable of? Maybe it`s simply because they are stuck on the mentality of what Vince wants is the only thing that matters.

Which brings me back to Samoa Joe. As happy as I am, I am also equally just as worried. Joe is a hell of a talent and and deserves better. I especially love the fact that they kept his aggression. Joe is a ring wrecking, suplex machine and deserves the spotlight. The last few matches he has had with Balor have been epic and should be a standard for anyone who wants to make it in NXT.

However, Joe has been in a few bad storylines that could have had been great. But what will WWE do for Joe? Will they make him a Jobber? Wil they abuse the fact that he is a top talent that has worked all over the world, doesn`t that mean that they will put him in squash matches? Will they put him in another stable that will hold him back? Anyone remember the Nation of Violence? Joe was basically by himself. If WWE would reboot that they could probably do something involving the Uso`s, Reins and Tamina. It would be a great storyline to see this happen, especially if they have Reigns and Joe come to a head to head to claim ownership over the stable.

At the end of the day one can only hope and pray that WWE does what is “Best for business” and recognizes their talents abilities. Because as talented as their roster is,they abuse the hell out of it.

-War Child Offline

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