Keanu: Catch that Cat

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The best thing about Keanu is that it does not take itself seriously and that works in favor of the movie. Key and Peele add slight hints of subtle skit play from their show into the movie yet manage to stay on point and focused with the plot. It’s funny to watch just how far the characters (main and support) will go just to save one cat. Also, it should be noted that Keys character Clarence/Shark Tank goes through a transformation of self from being what people want him to be by standing up for himself.
While Peeles character Rell/Tektonicks overcomes the personal issues that his ex-girlfriend said he had to deal with before he could be worthy of being with anyone.


The supporting cast was played perfectly. Nia Long (still sexy) was an awesome suburb mom who runs into issues during a trip away from home and her husband, Clarence. Her transformation from home maker mom into sultry, wild MILF mode was awesome and very welcoming. The Three gangsters were a hilarious background support and really played off of Rell and Clarence’s “gangster” personas. Last but certainly not least, Mr. Method Man himself as Cheddar he really made being the central antagonist fun and interesting to watch and honestly I hope to see him in more roles in the future..Oh yeah, the cat was cute too but reportedly has a catnip problem.

The combination of satirical scenes and parodies within the story was just too much. Ranging from Rell and Clarence being too afraid to shoot anyone to the typical action shoot-out scene where Clarence, the least gangster of the two, scoring perfect body shots on sub machine gun toting lackeys. Also the fact that near the end the bad guy always had an extra gun that he pulled out of no where. Even the mention of George Michael as a gangster was enough to send me over the edge. Hell, during the passing around of the kitten from group to group was funny. Cheddar gave Keanu the name New Jack which is a nod back to the movie from long ago, most young people wouldn’t even get that. Subtle nods like that made me enjoy the movie even more.

The only bad I can even consider is that as silly as the movie wants to be most people are probably going in with the expecations of seeing KEY AND PEELE. This is a movie, not their television show on Comdey Central. Those of you who are going in expecting tons of skits and different situations and multiutudes of different characters protrayed by the duo should prepare to be disapointed. Enjoy the movie for what it is and laugh at the fact that they can make a single long skit last as long as it did for 2 hours. At the end of the day it was a good movie and is one that I will probably add to my VUDU collection without a second thouht of hesitation.


-War Child Offline

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