Doom: The Alpha,Omega and Beta


Being one of the people to play the closed and open Beta of DooM was like a kick in the ass back to the 90’s. Instantly I felt like I was re-living my childhood (Yes I was playing DooM/DooM II as a kid, don’t tell) but with a few new twist. The Beta made me remember times of LAN parties where people would link up and play frag fest for hours until the pizza and Mountain Dew fueled frenzy died down into the hours of the night. Yet it also felt fresh, simplistic but nostalgic.

The Game itself plays like old school Quake Arena. The action is fast paced yet the weapons are brutal and punishing. One minute you could find yourself looking down the barrel of a super shotgun only to be blasted to gibs by a plasma rifle. You could be stalking another player and ready to bust heads like a ripe pumpkin and suddenly feel the punishing blast of said shotgun from earlier and be treated to your own personal montage of fail as another player performs an glory kill move on your weakened soldier. Yes that can happen to you as well, but dishing it out is so much more fun. The only weapon I didn’t like was the assault rifle. The good ol rocket launchers seem very weak and far from the splash damage educing, death machine of old. The super shotgun is what it says it is and still damages like a mule with roid rage and iron hoofs. The lightning gun was pretty cool but like it’s Quake counter part you had to maintain a constant stream of fire on your enemies. The plasma rifle was..well..Different. I was so used to seeing this big ass gun in front of my screen shooting orbs of death at monsters and exploding them without mercy. This plasma rifle shoots out a cannon ball of death that brutalizes enemies if aimed just right. The list of merciless instruments of mayhem continues but all you need to know is that they are all vicious and all effective.

The levels feel like a mix of DooM graphics with Quake style design. The two playable levels (Heatwave and Infernal) were two majorly contrasting designs. Heatwave looked like a high tech factory placed inside a volcano or some type of lava like foundry. High rise platforms and walkways structure the level and provide high points to gain an advantage over unsuspecting players. Infernal looks as though a piece of Hell itself was set aside for a bloody shootout. Stone structures rise up from pits to provide a means of escaping or attacking. Both levels have their own advantages and trap points. When you think going down a hallway to find a piece of armor to to restock your ammo supply works in your favor things go south. Nothing sucks more than sucking down a buckshot without a place to escape or being caught unsuspectingly by a vortex rifle blast to the face. But that’s all part of the game and even in death there are power ups that can help you find your slayer or give you more armor to achieve vengeance against the opposing team.

But the best part about the Beta was becoming one of the demons. The Revenant is a ravenous, rocket propelled, monster born to one shot anyone in its way. Finding the demon rune to gain its power is only half the fun but when you steal the power for yourself from it’s previous owner is even more fun. Being on the opposite side of the rocket is bad and unless it is weakened avoiding this freight train of pain is highly recommended.

All together this experience was one that left me wanting to play the actual game, especially the campaign mode. If you are a fan of the DooM I urge you to give this game a chance. It looks ten times better than DooM 3 and if it is successful I am hoping to see a Quake reboot. DooM had a straight forward story line and it looks like that will also be the case of this one as well. I cannot wait to play this game and the inner DooM fanboy in me is aching for a chance to crack some demon skulls and hear the loud charge of a BFG before it blast everything in it’s patch to wonderful, glorious gibs.


-Thanks for your continued support and interest and remember the rush is loud so ride the lightining!
War Child offline

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