Dark Matter: Emile-A239

“In recognition of this, his warrior’s spirit, we honor him as the merciless wrath of Noble.”— The Monument to Noble Team

I’m going to call it like it is. Emile, Noble 4, he’s African American. Why pick him? He’s a character that is popular even though he’s not the star of the game. He’s a support character and he gained so much attention because of his unique style, attitude and personalty.

Emile is similar to John S-117 but has his own differences. The main similarity is that they are from the same home world of Erindanus II. However, Emile is only trusting of his fellow Spartan soldiers. When dealing with people he is usually bold and aggressive quick to act hostile towards anyone who is not Spartan or part of his team. Also, during his skirmishes with the Covenant he has acquired many pieces of illegal contraband.

During the story of Halo:Reach Emile joked about Jorge dying and showed no real emotional loss during the others deaths. They (Bungie) could have really made him one of the first characters to die off but they didn’t, marking Emile as the final Spartan of Noble team to exact as much vengeance as possible against The Covenant forces. Emile lets loose in the end, destroying as many ships with the MAC cannon while spouting out words of revenge against the enemy. It was the best death in Reach. Emile never died alone. Before he could succumb to the Elite Zealot that attacked him with a Energy sword Emile pulls out his signature Kukri and shoves it deep into the Zealots neck.


The character design of Noble 4 is genius. He truly stands out from the group because of unique EVA helmet with a skull etched into it that he carved personally. Clad in assault armor lined with grenades with a Shotgun as a primary weapon makes Emile’s design is as intimidating as his personality. He is the only Spartan III clad in red and steel colors with a no non-sense attitude.

Emile-A239 is added to the Dark Matter list because of how impactful his character is. If it takes Denzel Washington turning into a crooked NARC agent to win an Oscar, then Emile-A239 is the digital personification of this attitude and character, just without the crookedness. Honestly, if they made a game where Emile was the main character I would buy it in a heart beat because he is just that cool. I even purchased his voice in Reach just to imagine how it would be playing the game through his visored gaze.

The rush is loud,so ride the lightning
-War Child offline

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