Dark Matter: The Blue Marvel


It’s a well known fact about comic books that when asked about black characters some people can only name a handful. It is usually the same names that are dropped such as; Black Panther, War Machine,Cyborg,Falcon, Black Vulcan,Storm, Spawn and so on and so on. Not taking away from the iconic weight behind these names but being an icon usually keeps other names from being learned. Blue Marvel could be one of these names even though he is a major power.

Blue Marvel and Anti-Man

Adam Bernard Brashear was a very talented man. He graduated from Cornell University and was also a fullback on the football team. After graduation he became a Marine Veteran of the Korean War and received 2 silver stars. He later became a project lead with in an experimental attempt to harness antimatter through the creation of a negative reactor. Brashear and his friend/comrade,
Connor Sims, used the reactor to create a bridge between the Negative Zone and Positive Matter Universe. An unexpected explosion of mutagen unstable horizon created both Blue Marvel (Brashears Alias) and Anti-Man (Connor Sims). The two would later become bitter enemies.




Adam and Connor clash!



bluemarvel-130251After the accident Brashear used his Blue Marvel alias to fight crime. He donned a mask to hide his face and the fact that he was a black man fighting crime during the segregation period.
Despite good intentions Blue Marvel a hero would cause issue among the already heated sides of segregationist and civil rights supporters. He continued to fight crime until his race was discovered because his mask was damaged in a fight with Anti-Man. President Kennedy and his cabinet discussed the revelation of who Blue Marvel is and how much of a racial rift he would cause between the country. With the nations best interest in mind President Kennedy reluctantly asked Brashear to step down as a hero and awarded him with the Congressional Medal of Honor.


BMsciBlue Marvel was created by Kevin Grevioux and was made to be the answer to creating a character that could be on par with the intelligence of Marvels highest intellect beings as well as go toe to toe with Marvels strongest villains. Adam Brashear has a genius level intellect as an engineer and a physicist.

He also wields superhuman abilities (Speed,stamina,reflexes and senses), flight energy generation, light creation as well as molecular manipulation. Enhanced mental perception, near invulnerability, durability and regenerative healing factor.

Blue Marvel Vs. Hyperion

Blue Marvel is my first Dark Matter pick due to the fact that he is strong as a person and not just a hero. In a world that hated him for being black and for not siding with his race he still decided to fight for a blind justice that saw no color. He was serving his country even before he became a super powered hero and even if he never gained those powers he would still be a highly intellectual human being. He breaks the walls and stereotype of black heroes by being strong enough to stand out and stand up to most of the baddest villains and heroes Marvel has to offer where most other heroes would die.


Thanks for taking the time to read my first entry into the Dark Matter series. Stay posted because the next entry will be on Friday. But for my next comic book entry look towards Monday.

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