Top 4 Fears of AJ Styles in WWE

Get Ready to Fly!

AJ recently debuted in the Royal Rumble as entrant #3 and made an impression on the crowd. He has been in the business for a very long time and is a major talent to have. Coming hot from the roster of New Japan and into the Roster of WWE is a big deal for this man. But being a big deal can also have bigger downfalls if WWE doesn’t utilize a talent properly. Here are a few reasons why.

Bad Booking


One of the biggest things to worry about is the fact that WWE does not utilize it’s roster well. From ADRIAN Neville to Dolph Ziggler the talent roster is a diverse mix of technically sound, high flying, power house wrestlers. But none are really utilized in stories that make sense. Take the Wyatts for example, they are a stable of 4 that are just thrown into the mix just to make a story with no real direction of defined ending. AJ debuted on RAW in a good match against Chris Jericho073_RAW_01252016rf_0696-354701643 but from there,there is no set path as to where they are going with him. Supposedly there will be a feud with Y2J but over what? At least they are putting him with a skilled vet in the business so maybe some good will come from this story.



No Real Story line Push

As stated before, AJ has had some good matches so far but is not really getting a strong push towards where he needs to be. Granted he is the “new” guy in the WWE but he has great skill, talent and is a hard worker. However, most of the hard workers get pushed aside. Take Kevin Owens for example, he is a prize fighter but isn’t really pushed towards any prize at this time. Even still they don’t really push their champions in riveting story lines. They just have them fight the next person that comes up.

No Real Character Development

AJ is a wrestling act through and through. He is good with the crowd and good with the kids as well. When you get the kids that is where most of the merch will sell. With the rosters top tiers being injured at this time one can only hope that they will push not just AJ but other talent as well to prove that WWE doesn’t need to hire part-timers to raise ratings.

Buried Under Top Talent

With a lack of character development comes the shovel. The shovel that all great talent has been buried under. From making a fool of characters like R-Truth, to mass producing gimmicky characters such as Neville and Kalisto. WWE will find a reason to stick a wrestler in development hell and make sure they never make it to the top.

Still Ready to Fly

These are some of the worse case scenarios. But with any luck they will let AJ fly towards the top of the roster and put on some great matches. If they put him with the right talent and give him a good story he should do well and get a great push. Personally, I am looking forward to him wearing some gold and kicking everyone again.


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