Top 5 Reasons to Not Keep Playing Destiny

Top 5 reasons to not play Destiny

  • Too repetitive
    Destiny has a problem with becoming too repetitive. Once you play one strike several hundred times it is not really top of the list to play over again. The same with missions and other things in the game as well (Iron Banner, PVP, Patrol).


  • No real customization
    Despite all the bad ass looking armor that comes with leveling up the ultimate goal is to collect a suit of armor that looks JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSES! Just in different shades and colors once you find and unlock those shaders. On a personal note I was perfectly fine with the way my titan looked in HoW but sooner than later that changed after TTK and now I cannot bring myself to grind more and more to look like every other player in the game.


  • Short content
    Personally, my first play through of Destiny took a day to finish. I was at the max level with no issues what so ever. Then I got bored and couldn’t find anyone to raid with.


  • Bland Storytelling
    The story of Destiny is already short and confusing and left wide open. There is no real drive or set reason as to what the entire mission is as far as the actual game other than KILL THE DARKNESS! But who really works for the DARKNESS? The DARKNESS is never really explained as far what it is. The whole thing is just annoyingly unimportant to the point where people just play mainly to shoot stuff with cool space weapons


  • Lies and withdrawal
    From weapons numbers to trading items. Destiny has been a game of so much promise in game but so little follow up in it’s entirety. Sure sparrow racing seems cool now but think of what it could have been if it was included in the beginning like it was supposed to be. Same goes for the story line changes and weapon changes. Everyone loved Gjallahorn when they got it and it was a cherished weapon, hell, the only weapon that was worth playing the game for. I still have mine and  was even able to use it to obtain the Black Spindle way after G-Horn was supposed to be useless. But because it seemed that everyone had one and it was the end all be all they trashed it and replaced it with a over hyped laser gun called the Sleeper Stimulant (emphasis on Sleeper). When you make a game stick to your guns. Don’t change because the people that made the game are telling you to stand firm. When the community is in a grief state your game will be too.

-War Child signing off

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