Captain America: Civil War


The Captain America: Civil War trailer came out recently with was much eye candy on deck. IGN was able to get their hands on it so I watched with a thirst! If you thought Marvel movies weren’t pleasing to the eye enough you should really check this trailer out. As a Marvel fan I am excited to see Black Panther in this one. In the last Avengers film we as fans were treated with the mention of Wakanda as well as the introduction of Ulysses Klaw. Wakanda being the most technologically prosperous nation in continent of Africa and Klaw being the main villain of Black Panther. It’s just friggen amazing to see that they are following through by finally bringing in the BP which means that there are going to be some epic fights. You can tell by the scenes of the trailer where BP is fighting Bucky and is being chased by Captain America through a tunnel full of traffic…And out running him by the way.

Also making a return, as mentioned above, is Bucky AKA Winter soldier. It seems like he’s gotten his memory back in this go around. Other usual suspects are Hawk Eye, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow and Falcon. Tony Stark/Iron Man makes an appearance along side my boy Jim Rhodes/War Machine. It looks like things are going to test the limitation of our Avengers relationships with each other because there are some images that are just straight raw and brutal. War Machines face mask looks like it has been ripped or blasted off and he’s down for the count as Iron Man holds him in his arms while looking defeated. There is also a scene where Cap apologizes for disobeying rules and says he had to do it because Bucky was his friend. You can tell Tony really felt that one because all he could say was “I thought we were friends?” with a good close up on his war torn face. To add injury to insult Cap and Bucky give Tony a serious ass whippin. The way they went about it was just brutal, punches were thrown and the shield was tossed back and forth between both of them before cap finally smashes it into Iron Mans face…Or so we assume.

All in all, I know I myself will be getting a ticket to this movie it just screams MUST SEE! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I actually liked the last Captain America movie. I thought the amount of action and mix of espionage and betrayal fit the theme as well as made it better than the first one. If this is the direction that Marvel wants to go in then by all means continue to pump out more of these movies. Just please, PLEASE, make the next Avengers movie better than Age of Ultron. That one was kind of a flop to me. All that aside, I urge you to check out the new Captain America: Civil War trailer. I promise it will be worth the look.


-War Child offline

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