Need for Speed:The Spin Out

Lately the Need For Speed series has been lacking lately. It feels like the flat out, straight forward definition of a car simulation.

Literally, you drive a car and that’s about it. Originally that was the flawless idea behind the first games and it flowed flawlessly. The formula for fast cars and fun times improved when they started adding good story and even better music. I’ve caught myself rocking out to Disturbed, nodding my head to Alvin Katraz (A.K.A Rock) and feeling the adrenaline rush of Fuel. The soundtrack brings much life to the game while drifting, running and rolling through games such as Need for Speed:Underground and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Even the I even remember the cheesy techno music from the originals. Keeping this in mind, how does this new release measure up to the prestige of this simulating giant?

Turbo Graphics

First off,the graphics are wonderful. The of creating the environment is very spot on. This should be expected of new games as of late. But weather transitions are weird and the day and night transitions are hard to keep up with. It’s easier to drive during the day but at night it’s hard to see anything. Maybe it is just my TV setting but it was hard to see anything. Graphics should not really be an issue with new age titles. With all of the new tech and knowledge used to program now days there is really no excuse for poor graphics. SO where does my issue with the situation lie? With the amount of advertisement in this game! There were times I felt like I was driving an ad simulator instead of a car sim. The thing I loved about Need for Speed was the experience. I played for the cars not the ads. Speaking of which, despite the short list of cars there are many mods you can apply. Some I was disappointed with, such as the Mustangs and the Lotus, while others were just down right vicious, such as the Evo. The fully customizable option to make your ride your own is back. It hearkens back to the old underground days and makes playing more personal. I’ve created many skins for my car already and feel like I could spend hours just on the looks alone. The only problem is you have to unlock more and more through driving and races. I know it’s a car game but that can get a bit repetitive. Especially when there is no real drive pushing you to do the races.

Out of Gas

Speaking of no drive the story line is horrible. It feels like they just put together a quick cast of young kids and older gear heads. You can’t even drive without having one of the annoying characters text you or call you in game. I eventually got tired of hunting down where they were at and got to driving when I felt like I wanted to drive, when I felt like I wanted to drive. Plus the first person view during the “story line” was horrible. There were so many fist bumps to the point where I finally got tired of watching the story cut scenes.

The music was horrible. It seems like a lot of triple A titles are going into one of their staffs personal play list and loading the music into the game. I miss the when you could just add your own music and drive out to it. But the games before this were ten times better to the point where you rarely had to worry about switching out the music. There uses to be care put into the soundtrack of this series. Now I can’t even remember one single song let alone any of the story of this game.


Far from a Classic Ride

I don’t see this game being anything but I time killer when you want to know what it’s like to drive a fast car without having to pay the full price. I only could bring myself to play for a few days. After that I completely forgot about the title and had no desire to play it. When Most Wanted came out I was killing the black list until I caught of to Razor Callahan. I beat that game several times and each time I was pissed about my ride being taken. This game doesn’t even come close to Most Wanted. It seems like the games peaked out and then went on a downward slope towards just being another game to kill time with. Nothing worthy of the original NFS titles.

My Verdict: Test Drive Only

Red Box or Game-fly this game. I regret spending money to buy this title and hurt by the fact that this is the future of NFS games. I understand the fact that you have to try and connect with your audience but it just seems like a game built for tools and not fans of the series. It also is annoying that you have to log on to an origin account just to keep track of certain things about the game. This log on to play this is really starting to get old, especially since most of the story lines of most of these “internet” games have been far from mediocre. I don’t mean that in a good way.


  • Graphics:4- Wonderfully rendered environment, poor transitions.
  • Sound:1-Horrible music, nothing memorable.
  • Replay:1- Only re-playable if you need something to kill time.
  • Overall 2 out of 5


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