Creeping Death: PS2 Emulation is coming


As soon as I heard of this all I could think of is Metallica’s Creeping Death. Play Station is basically running the ten plagues on the console world right now and is showing no mercy. Microsoft tried to come back with the major announcement of backwards compatibility, but as usual it was too little too late. Sony fired back with their own backwards compatible plan but it is a sneak attack. While backwards compatibility is a good thing it is also a limited thing. I believe if older games were television shows they would be called Re-Runs.

An Oldie…


Lately the market of new games has been kind of stale. Recent heavy hitting titles such as Fallout 4, Black Ops 3 and other games does not change the fact that it has been a slow year for consoles. When you look at most of the titles they are basically re-hashed and polished titles that were formerly released on the older consoles. Having classics could will help the growth of the PS4. Tekken 4 was a favorite of mine as well as Soul Calibur 2, Def Jam and so many others. During the 360/PS3 era I never really had a chance to to own a PS2 or a PS3. With this announcement I’m really looking forward to being able to play God of War and Def Jam:Vendetta (I was only able to play Fight for NY.). I at least hope I will be able to play these games….Right?

…But Not a Goody

Now for the bad. The last time a console offered  this feature it was the 360. Yes the year one version of the PS4 came with it by default (a slight negative if you did not own a initial release console), but it was Xbox who had the weirdest list of games. You could play Need for Speed Underground 2 but not the first NFS:U. Def Jam:FFNY was not even on the list but you will let people play Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis? I thought the list was crap and immediately realized that the games I had for X-Box ONE (the real ONE!) were basically table coasters unless I wanted to plug up the original console. Let me bring this full circle, obviously most games will not be playable. But what is stopping Sony from making the list of playable games actually be worth the effort? What if they over look the Guilty Gear series of games and add Guitar Gangsters from Mars? (I hope that’s not a real game.)

Game on!

No matter how you look at it the potential for good can come from this. Especially if the titles are actually worth playing. I really hope that somehow they can find a way to allow the entire Mass Effect series to be playable. That’s a story worth getting caught up in and would provide even more competition to the Xbox despite the fact that the series was originally on 360 first. I guess all we can do as gamers is stand by and hope that the right choices will be made as far as keeping our interest in mind.

-War Child Offline


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