Wrastlin Gone Wrong

Ring the Bell

Where to begin with this game? When it comes to sports games, I’m not really too open-minded. Wrestling (Excuse me, Sports Entertainment) games are no exception to this rule and everybody plays the fool sometimes, as the song goes. I guess I played that part quiet well because the hype made me reconsider my stance on the WWE series of games in general. Oh, I was wrong so horribly wrong.

Pipe Bomb!

The more I see from WWE the more I understand why CM Punk left. This game suffers from a lack of vision! It has been the same thing for the past years. Nothing new, nothing innovative, and nothing worth spending the time and money on.Wrestling games have taken a down hill fall and don’t look like they will be kicking out before 3. The struggle submission system from the previous games was a lot better than this weird catch the circle game that 2k16 has now. Chasing that damn thing makes you feel more like your playing an RPG not a wrestling game.The pin system is ok, stopping the bar at a mark makes sense but when you have to hold and release the thing it gets annoying. If I wanted to play Mario Party, any charge Wii game I think I would go and buy one more suited for this. Matter of fact, if all future WWE 2K games were made for Wii and Wii only there would be no shift of power, no love loss,no lack of interest towards this solo genre. I’ve played 2D, pixellated, wrestling games that are more fun than this.

Jobber Simulation 2K16

Story mode for CaW (create a wrestler) starts you out in NXT, which isn’t bad but in my opinion is a small slap in the face considering that NXT is a very good sub-brand of WWE and is worth watching. I love NXT and felt bad when I watched Kevin Owens (Kevin Steen) get buried on the main roster by John Cena… And Owens is a masterful heel! But that’s a story for another time. NXT is basically the “D” leagues of WWE. They place new wrestling talent here in order to groom them for the main roster. If you never watched NXT or heard any news about the WWE development center than this little tidbit will not affect you much in this game. There will be plenty more to make you aggravated later. Honestly I stopped playing story mode because I got tired of coming close to beating my “Rival” only to be pinned after getting his stamina in the red as well as parts of his body in the red areas too. The guy is supposed to be a walking cabbage and some how he pins me? I cannot understand that! And speaking of Create a Wrestler…

Playstation Camera Taps Out!

Create a wrestler mode is horrible. I remember from the Smack Down Vs Raw games the creator would allow you to make up an awesome character with barely any limitation. Now they have implemented the face scan option into the game…Only thing is you don’t scan a single thing on your face at all. You have to get an upload code (a new one for each time you want to upload) input it into 2K the website, hope the website works, and hope and pray that the image you upload will be ok unless you spent hours of time doctoring it so it will work like an actual in-game skin. I don’t have time for that, when I play a game I’m ready to load and roll not spend hours on adjusting facial features. If it’s a game like Fallout or an Elder Scrolls game or anything of the sort, then yes I’m willing to spend the extra time and go the extra effort to make myself into a badass, warrior who’s ready to rain death on all that oppose. But for a wrestling game that is sub par at best. I can’t torture myself. And for the love of all gaming why is it called face scan when you don’t even scan your bloody face?!? Why even bother having a Playstation camera when games like this won’t even implement it!?

Also, why do I have to download a damn manual? I miss the days where they would include things like that in the game. Some games try to familiarize new and even older players into the action by doing intro/story mode tutorials. Hell, even a game like Dark Souls taught you something before you prepared to die. WWE 2K16 just throws you into the action with the same input system for the umpteenth time.

Certified Slobber Knocker?

I guess being from the old school Smackdown Vs. Raw series of games had messed up my entire game play when it comes to the new “2k” series of games. Moves are done differently than they were in the past. SDvR had moves assigned to each grab type. Light and heavy grabs had memorable,multiple throws. Move input was simple and effective! Move performance was impactful to where the game made you believe the move! Move sets were wider ranging from those performed by legends past, current roster as well as a couple of moves form other wrestlers from other brands. Basically, the wrestling experience was real and not overly simulated.

When WWE 12 was released a new move interface was introduced. I didn’t mind the fact that ‘create a championship’ mode was sacrificed for create a finisher, it was actually an even trade-off. But, the whole layout of the game was horrible. But that is the new WWE standard, Horrible. Nothing against the superstars and divas, but creative needs to do a better job over all be it the WWE games or even the show itself. Story mode from WWE 12 and up has been horrible. Even though Stone Cold is the featured superstar in 2K16, I don’t really have a desire to play as this legendary S.O.B. I’d rather watch his matches, “FOR $9.99!”, instead of spending 59.99 to work to unlock them. These games have gotten so bad that the story mode is virtually bland.

There is no split decision here people, this game is a certified knockout. I mean knock it out of you rotation of games that you want this year because it’s not worth spending the full amount on.If you are a fan of the WWE series of games then fine, but it’s the same crap that is released every year. Nothing new nothing, original, just the same crap, unless you count the terminator as being new, but what’s the pont of going into that Pre-order BS?

My Verdict!

This game is a Squash match don’t even look at it, if you want a poster of tha artwork that’s fine, but don’t buy this crap!

  • Graphics:4- Wonderful until you create a wrestler
  • Sound:2-Same bad music and generic wrestling sounds
  • Replay:1- Just don’t play at all
  • Overall 2 out of 5

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